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ripman16 08-27-12 12:53 AM

Bike Courier- Summer Job?
Hey I'm in L.A. and in highschool. I wanted to get a job next summer to have some extra cash and i'd rather not have some boring job at Micky D's or something. So i was trying to find a bike courier job. No luck! Anyone know of a courier service in LA/Southbay area?

TrojanHorse 08-27-12 09:03 AM

There's a couple on the top of the list

ripman16 08-27-12 09:45 AM

Already checked that out they are all vehicle messengers no bike messengers.

nashcommguy 08-27-12 09:55 AM

Print up some business cards and start your own. Don't use the 'flyers in the windshield' routine. People will save a business card, but toss a flyer into the trash. Afa insurance goes you may be able to piggyback something onto your parents' homeowners or auto policies. Just go for it. Make a list of lawyers, business peoples, pizza shops, etc. that may be able to use a courier/delivery guy and talk w/them. Start in Downtown LA and work your way outward. You can do it! :thumb:

Btw, talk w/t established delivery serivices and let them know you're available for runs that cars can't do. Once you get one delivery you can build off of that. And congrats on your 'out of the box' thinking in terms of not wanting to go the fast food route...takes cojones. ;)

ripman16 08-27-12 10:07 AM

Ya man your right i was thinking about doing one right where i live but that wouldn't work so yah i should do that! I'll bring bike messengers back to L.A.
But it looks like i'm gonna need to start saving to pay for some business cards, a messenger bag, and also to pay the rest for my bike cus i'm selling my couple year old BMX and getting a new fixie.

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