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ooga-booga 10-16-12 10:38 PM

and gonna attempt some of those ridiculous spring valley/la presa climbs tomorrow-specifically maria & apple but if memory serves, there are about 4-5 killer climbs out there.

ooga-booga 08-08-13 11:14 PM

well finally made it to spring valley 10 months later. yah. gotta say apple street on dictionary hill in spring valley is the steepest through street i've encountered
in san diego county. estimating the last bit of 50 or so yards at 30%. seemed as steep as la's fargo street which runs 32-33%. just brutal. for good measure,
there are approx 5 more climbs of double-digit graded climbs in the immediate area. if you want pain and suffering without glory, it's the cat's meow.

jimxyz 08-09-13 12:02 PM

Kodiak Mt Rd, Cam De Bryant, Hidden Hills in Yorba Linda are pretty steep (i think the max is about 19%). However DECKER in Santa Monica is the one that sticks in my mind - it may not be the steepest hill in SoCal, but it is relentless, going on for miles. A true Hors Categorie... If you do the Mulholland Challenge you get to face this monster at around mile 80, when your legs are fresh - haha

ooga-booga 08-09-13 11:21 PM

^trying to get back up to the santa monica mtns to do a full frontal assault on the (through road) climbs directly accessible from pch/hwy1: deer creek, decker, mulholland,
latigo, encinal, et al but it looks at least a few weeks away. descended decker previously but no ascent. yah, decker looks long-term nasty (as did the bottom part of deer creek).
the worst grades i came across during my century ride in march in the area were the ones on cotharin, potrero and westlake blvd (hwy 23). all less than a half mile but really
brutal. i hadda laugh ascending all those grades because i kept asking myself "really?! this is ridiculous!!" looking forward to more long-term suffering for the hell of it in the near future.

none of those streets in spring valley are especially long, it's just that they all look to be 18% and up for extended lengths/blocks and they are all conveniently grouped together.
so thoughtful of those that planned out the little community.

hamster 08-10-13 02:50 AM

I did a run up Mount Whitney in San Marcos yesterday. Proved surprisingly nasty (in the past, I only did the last section going up and the whole route going down.) Averages "only" 8.9% with 305 m of elevation gain, and only because of the relatively flat section in the middle. The first third is 14-15% with 118 m of elevation gain, and the last third is at least 12% with 120 m of elevation gain. There's a gate in the way, some kind of transmission tower up top and pretty awesome 360 degree views.

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