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MikeEckhaus 02-06-13 10:28 PM

The Tour of Long Beach is May 11. It supports pediatric cancer research. Not affiliated, but I enjoyed doing it last year. I did the metric century last year, which was well organized, if a little lacking in scenery. This year I will be doing the full century, which runs down to Laguna Beach and back. Might want to add this one to the calendar.


calamarichris 02-07-13 11:29 AM

Okay, St. Paddy's, Dirty Devil and Tour of Long Beach have all been added.
(Shakes head at riding road bikes across 28 miles of dirt roads.) Have fun you crazy kids!

calamarichris 02-12-13 11:53 AM

Heh, cool. The Escondido Stage (and most likely l'Etape) are doing the Pie Ride, including Mesa Grande and Highland Valley Road.(Two of my favorite roads in the area.)
Be a beautiful ride. :thumb:

PhotoJoe 03-12-13 03:45 PM

In for Tour de Cure - Long Beach 4/28

The Santa Clarita Century site seems to be down. This is from their facebook page:


[h=5]We are very sorry to hear that many of you are having trouble registering on the Santa Clarity Century site.
Our ISP's experiencing some technical difficulties right now. Please register for the ride directly on our Eventbrite page at
We apologize for the inconvenience this has been creating.
Good Luck and Please do try the Evenbrite site.
As the Days get longer...Ride ON! ♥

CommuteCommando 03-13-13 02:19 PM

I'll be doing the San Diego Century, metric route.

YosemiteGirl 03-17-13 03:00 PM

Saturday June 1, 2013 is the Pasadena Gran Fondo. I'm thinking of doing the short or middle distance. Any insight as to what my target pace should be to not embarrass myself? Thanks! (I'm relatively new to cycling and I averaged about 18mph on the LA River ride 50mile distance last time)

PhotoJoe 04-01-13 05:28 PM

Is the Sea Otter Classic (Monterey) close enough to SoCal. They have two recreational ride routes.

And Cool Breeze website is up.

hamster 04-01-13 10:50 PM

Montezulomar is cancelled in 2013 because of the conflict with Etape.

calamarichris 04-03-13 11:32 AM

Updates made, sorry for the delay.

tony2v 04-03-13 01:04 PM

Reminder - San Diego Velodrome VeloSwap April 7th Sellers: 0700 and Walk-in Buyers:0900.
I'll be there @0630 with the setup crew as usual.

Also TNR (Tuesday Night Racing) @ SD Velodrome starts April 9th. I'll be there in my skinsuit probably freezing on my track bike :)

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