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calamarichris 12-26-12 10:29 AM

2013 SoCal Century & Events Calendar
Post 'em up if they're not full and please include the link if known. Will update this list as they appear. Corrections & suggestions welcomed.

PM me if you'd like your Username listed either as a definite, a maybe, or a volunteer. Figure it'll give us a better chance to meet up, carpool, etc.
Definites will be ID'd in black.
Maybes ID'd in pencil-gray.

01/12 - Stagecoach Century. 100-, 90-, 84-, 73-, 50-, & 26-mile rides in Ocotillo, CA
01/13 - Ontario Series GP. USAC-sanctioned criterium races in Ontario, CA.
01/19 - Rainbow 200. 200km Brevet starting in La Jolla, CA.

02/09 - Corona 300. 300km Brevet starting in Corona, CA.
02/09 - Tour de Palm Springs, 102, 56, 25, 10 & 5-mile rides in Palm Springs, CA.
02/11 - Chinatown Firecracker Funride. 20 & 30-mile rides in Chinatown, LA, CA.
03/02 - Death Valley Century & Double Century. 100 & 200 mile rides in Death Valley, CA.

03/09 - Solvang Century. Century & Half in Solvang, CA.
03/16 - Tour of Borrego. 22, 40, 62 and 80 mile rides in Borrego Springs, CA.
03/16 - Solana Beach 400. 400km Brevet starting in Solana Beach, CA.
03/16 - St. Paddy's Palomar Punishment. 68- & 92-mile rides up Palomar Mountain in Escondido, CA.
03/23 - Capistrano Amtrak Populaire. 111km ride in Starting at the Amtrak Station in San Juan Capistrano
03/23 - Ay Chihuahua Century (Formerly Run to Camachos). Century ride from Santa Ysabel to El Centro, CA.
03/23 - Malibu Canyons 100. Century, Metric, Half, and 75 mile Relay in Malibu, CA.
03/23 - Solvang Spring Double. Double Century in Buellton, CA.
03/30 - Santa Clarita Century. Century, 50-, 25-milers & Family Fun Ride in Santa Clarita, CA.
03/31 - Hell's Gate Hundred. Century & Metric Century in Death Valley, CA. (On hiatus in 2013 due to Easter scheduling conflict)
04/13 - Mulholland Challenge. 112 mile ride with 12,750 feet of climbing in Agoura Hills, CA.
04/14 - City of Angels Funride. 49- and 31-mile fun rides in Los Angeles.
04/14 - Gran Fondo San Diego. 106- & 66-mile ride in San Diego, CA.
04/07 - San Diego Velodrome Swap Meet. A bicycle swapmeet at the San Diego Velodrome.
04/18-04/21 - Sea Otter Classic. 96- & 49-mile rides, and festival of road & mountainbikes in Monterey, CA.
04/20 - Solana Beach 600. 600km Brevet starting presumably in Solana Beach, CA.
04/20 - Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic. 101-mile(10,000-feet), 75-mile(7000-feet), & 45-mile (3800-feet) rides in Mount Laguna, CA
04/20 - Tour de Cure . Century, 75, 50, 30 & 7-mile rides in San Diego, CA.
04/20 - Sikad Ng Bayan. 65- 44- and 22-mile rides in Anaheim, CA.

04/27 - Alpine Challenge. 25-, 50-, and 62-mile rides in Alpine, CA.
04/27 - Wildflower Century. 98- 71- & 48-mile rides in Creston, CA.
04/28 - Tour de Cure. 8, 11, 32, 61 & 100-mile rides in Long Beach, CA.

05/04 - Rosarito-Ensenada. 50-mile ride in Rosarito, Mexico.
05/04 - Breathless Agony. Century (114 miles, 12,000 feet of climbing) in Redlands, CA.
05/11 - Etape du California. Amgen Tour of California route in Escondido, CA.
05/11 - Cruisin' the Conejo. Century & Metric Century in Thousand Oaks, CA.
05/11 - Montezulomar Bicycle Classic. 94, 69, and 34 mile rides in Borrego Springs, CA. (Cancelled due to conflict with l'Etape.)
05/11 - Tour of Long Beach. Century, Metric, and Half-Metric in Long Beach, CA.
05/14 - Pasadena Marathon Bike Tour. Pre-riding the marathon (26.2 mile) course in Pasadena, CA. (Apparently bike tour discontinued this year.)

05/18 - San Diego 1000. 1000km Brevet starting in San Diego, CA.
05/18 - Heartbreak Hundred. A hilly century in Lebec, CA.
05/26 - Great Western Bicycle Rally, Century & Metric Century in Morro Bay & San Luis Obispo.

06/01 - San Diego Century. 37-, 66-, and 103-mile rides in Encinitas, CA.
06/01 - Auburn Century. 140-, 110-, 70-, & 40-mile rides with plenty of climbing in Auburn, CA.
06/01 - Ojai Valley Century. Century in Ojai, CA.
06/01 - Dirty Devil Ultra Century. 87 & 127 mile rides (some on dirt roads) in Alpine, CA.
06/02 - Pasadena Gran Fondo. 93, 67, and 25-mile rides in Pasadena, CA.
06/08 - Ride Around the Bear. Century in Redlands, CA.
06/09 - Los Angeles River Ride. Century, 70-, 50-, 36-, & 15-mile rides in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA.
06/15 - Sierra Century. 100-, 62-, & 40-mile rides in Rocklin, CA.

06/22 - LA Wheelmen Grand Tour. Quadruple, Triple, Double Centuries & Metric-Double in Malibu, CA.

06/29 - Alta Alpina Challenge. 198-, 135-, 110-, and 64-mile rides starting in Markleeville, CA.

06/30 - Climb to Kaiser. 155-mile ride with 13,500 feet of climbing in Fresno, CA.

08/03 - Tour de Big Bear. 70-, 50-, & 25-mile rides in Big Bear, CA.

08/18 - Cool Breeze Century. 125, 102, 63 & 38-mile rides in Ventura, CA.
Participants: calamarichris,

08/13 - Midnight Madness. 20-mile night-time funride near San Diego Harbor.
Participants: DUFFMAN (aka calamarichris),

08/27 - Ride of the Immortals. 137 mile ride with 17,500 feet of climbing in Ridgecrest, CA. (Not happening this year.)

09/10 - Amtrak Century. From Irvine to San Diego. Irvine, CA.

9/22 - Giro di San Diego, Gran Fondo. 106 & 66-mile rides in Solana Beach, CA.

09/24 - Lighthouse Century. Century in San Luis Obispo, CA. (Awaiting website update.)

10/06 - Tour de Poway, Century & Metric, 50-, 26-, & 18-mile rides in Poway, CA.
.Participants: calamarichris,

10/20 - Antelope Valley High Desert Fall Century. 25-mile, Metric & Century in Antelope Valley, CA. (Awaiting website update.)

10/21 - Tour de Sewer. 62-, 30-, & 15-mile rides in Bell Gardens, CA. (Awaiting website update.)

10/19 - Santa Barbara Century & Metric Century in Santa Barbara, CA.

10/26 - Death Valley Fall Century. 200-, 144, & 100-mile rides in Death Valley, CA.

11/10 - Tour de Foothills. Century, Metric, & Half-Metric Century in Claremont, CA. (Awaiting website update.)

12/16 - Borrego Springs Century. Century, Metric, and Half-Metric Century in Borrego Springs, CA. (Awaiting website update.)

Other California Organization Calendars and Series:


Fiesta Island Time Trial Series, 20K ITT series (Feb 3, Mar 3, Mar 31, May 12, Sept 7 (TTT), Sep 8, Oct 13, Nov 29) in Mission Bay, San Diego

Pacific Coast Highway Randonneurs Events. Long Distance Cycling in LA & Ventura Counties.

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Planet Ultra.

Racers & Chasers: Mountain bike racing schedule & Events.

San Diego Randonneur Brevet Series. Long Distance Cycling in San Diego County.

SCNCA 2013 Calendar. Southern California & Nevada Cycling Association.

Sho-Air, VeloSport Calendar of Events's Bike Racing Schedule & Events.

Western States Ride Calendar.

LaurettaFetta 01-02-13 03:49 PM

Thanks for taking all the time to post these, Chris! That's really awesome! :thumb:

You're such a good samaritan. :cheers:

Beachgrad05 01-02-13 04:11 PM

FYI Tour De Palm Springs is on Feb 9 according to their website:

A few of the so cal Clyde/Athena group are doing it.

calamarichris 01-02-13 04:29 PM

Duly noted above, thanks BG. :)

hamster 01-02-13 05:48 PM

Adventurecorps has a new event "Montezulomar Bicycle Classic", scheduled on May 11. Looks like it will coincide with Etape, and there's a good chance that both events will be climbing Palomar at the same time.

calamarichris 01-02-13 05:56 PM

Thanks Ham! Can't believe I missed that one. It's up.
Are you doing either event?

hamster 01-02-13 07:45 PM


Originally Posted by calamarichris (Post 15112248)
Thanks Ham! Can't believe I missed that one. It's up.
Are you doing either event?

I'm going to have a very busy spring as is, I'm doing the KOM challenge, MLBC and possibly Bear.

Gallo 01-04-13 10:55 AM

San Diego Gran Fondo

April 14th

calamarichris 01-04-13 11:46 AM

Grazzi Gallo.
It's up, as well as the Giro di San Diego on 9/22.
You going to be riding the big one? Looks like a toughie.

Gallo 01-05-13 08:20 AM

Rode it last year. Honey springs is no joke. I am riding Mullholland on Saurday the 13th as the first leg of the KOM so the big ride is out. I liked the event the route was very little traffic in most parts outside of downtown and a section of CV well supported and a very nice jersey. As you might guess by my last name I have Italian heritage and the pasta was good as well

Gallo 01-07-13 09:32 AM


This list is awesome. Thanks for your effort

I found this on active looking for a ride in Malibu as a prelude to Mulholland Challenge.

3/23 Malibu Canyons 100 50 mile Metric Century 75 mile Relay Century

calamarichris 01-07-13 11:39 AM

Prego paisano, e grazzi for the compliment.
Malibu Canyons 100 is up.

cdp8 01-07-13 12:16 PM

No love for the Wildflower on 4/27? Or is SLO/PR too far away to be considered a SoCal event?

It's a week before BA, but I signed up for it anyway because the jersey is so cool this year. Thanks for putting this together.

calamarichris 01-07-13 03:03 PM

SLO/PR is still SoCal, and much love for Wildflower. It's up, thanks. :)

hamster 01-07-13 03:43 PM

Put me in for Solvang Spring Double (3/23, not on the list), Mulholland (4/13), MLBC (4/20), Breathless (5/4), Heartbreak (5/18), and as a "maybe" for Bear (6/8).

calamarichris 01-07-13 04:35 PM

Geez! We've hit the limit on the character count. 40,000 characters is all that is permitted per post. I'm cleaning up the hideous, auto-generated UBB code, which will buy us a few more, but we're running outta space.
Is there anything a Mod can do to grant me a character count maximum override? Sure would appreciate it... :)

hamster 01-07-13 05:30 PM

Break it down into two posts. (You might need to start a new topic.)

calamarichris 01-07-13 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by hamster (Post 15131027)
Break it down into two posts. (You might need to start a new topic.)

Naah--I was able to remove about 1/4 to 1/3 of it just by cleaning up the sloppy UBB code. We're cool now. :thumb:

YOJiMBO20 01-18-13 07:44 PM

I think I might try the Mt. Laguna Classic. Still not sure.

calamarichris 01-21-13 12:24 PM


Originally Posted by YOJiMBO20 (Post 15172717)
I think I might try the Mt. Laguna Classic. Still not sure.

It's harder than Breathless Agony, than l'Etape (which finished at the Baldy Ski Lifts), harder than any other century I've ever done. (Though I haven't done the Death Ride yet.)

The first climb is beautiful, scenic, and not a complete killer.

The second one is pretty tough, but still idyllic and lovely.

The third climb is Hard. There might be scenery on that one too, but I don't remember.

tony2v 01-21-13 02:38 PM

Hey Chris, put me down for Sikad ng Bayan (65 miles) and Wildflower Century (100 miles) looking forward to new century route. I've done the old route three before. Last time I rode Wildflower in 2008 it was 43 at the beginning and 91 at 11:30 in Shandon for lunch!
I let you know when the SD Velodrome Spring swap meet determines it date.

calamarichris 01-28-13 02:54 PM

You're up on both, Tony. Have a fun & safe 2013!

hamster 01-31-13 10:37 PM

3/16 St Paddy’s Palomar Punishment

ooga-booga 02-01-13 05:28 AM

^looks interesting and have never heard of it.

this one (put on by the same group) really caught my attention...the dirty devil.

hamster 02-01-13 10:18 AM

That's the one that I (and about a dozen other equally crazy cyclists) tried to ride last year when it happened in a pouring rain. I managed half of Palomar and Cole Grade, but chickened out of descending down Valley Center Grade. In the words of the announcement email, "This year we've put in a special request for the best weather of 2013, rather than the worst day of 2012."

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