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ooga-booga 05-01-13 08:45 PM

Date of Ride: 5/1/2013
Type of Ride: diy solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 100.3 miles
Ride Time: 7h 18m
Total Time: 7h 57m
Avg. Speed: 14.8 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 5,023 ft
Weather conditions: clear, sunny, dry, upper 60's-mid 70's

synopsis of ride:dropped car off at the dealer in mission valley for some small stuff and headed north along the 15 fwy corridor up to escondido.
originally intended to hook up with the hwy 76 bike path and take the coast the whole way back but i "winged it' after leaving escondido. ultimately,
ended up on north twin oaks valley road (which was pretty and had a nice descent...unfortunately dead ending at a quarry/private road.
climbed out the hole i dug myself, took twin oaks valley road south past csu san marcos and thru the san elijo hills. eventually hooked up with
leucadia blvd and the 101 and turned left for 20+ coastal miles. thru mission bay and back to mission valley. gorgeous day. pit-stop at
the in-n-out in escondido near auto park way/15 fwy for lunch. female driver pulled a crazy u-turn a half-mile from my finishing destination and almost
took me out. she didn't see me and if i had been a car, she woulda gotten horribly t-boned. let's be careful out there. they exist.

leaping_gnome 05-25-13 05:23 PM

Date of Ride: 4/12/2013
Type of Ride: 200k Brevet
Actual Mileage: 130 miles
Total Time: 9h 41m
Elevation Climbed: approx. 7,677 ft

Weather conditions: Warm and some wind - nice day.

Synopsis: This was a pre-ride for my own 200k brevet here in the foothills around the San Andres fault zone. I did it solo to check out the road conditions and route instructions. Eleven entrants did it the next day (the actual event) where I was the course worker, handing out water and snacks on the far ends of the course.

Date of Ride: 4/27/2013
Type of Ride: 400k Brevet
Actual Mileage: 142 miles
Total Time: Approx 10 hr
Elevation Climbed: Don't know

Weather conditions: Cool with wind

Synopsis: Started the 400k with the climb over Cuesta Grade. My GPS quit after the first 25 miles. I spent too much energy getting over to San Simion and abandoned the 400k route and limped back to SLO. Just not a good day. Still, my mileage was enough to count.

Date of Ride: 5/5/2013
Type of Ride: 200k Permanent
Actual Mileage: 112 miles
Total Time: 10h 06m
Elevation Climbed: approx. 7,268 ft

Weather conditions: Cool and very windy.

Synopsis: I rode this perm up to Tehachapi as penance to not finishing the 400k. It was headwind most of the day, up to 25-30 MPH over the top of the windmill grade. This is a great route, challenging and scenic, and it prepared me for what's coming next.

Date of Ride: 5/18/2013
Type of Ride: 600k Brevet
Actual Mileage: 375 miles
Total Time: 36h 11m
Elevation Climbed: approx. 21,407 ft

Weather conditions: Cool, warm, night, day, cold night, hot day and some wind.

Synopsis: This 600k goes up the Hwy 1 coast from Cayucos (look it up on a map, north of Morro Bay), strong headwind from Big Sur up to Carmel. Up the Carmel Valley and over into the Salinas River Valley. Strong headwinds all the way to San Juan Grade (in the dark) then cold headwinds on the other side, arriving at midnight for the 2 hr rest stop at San Juan Bautista. Pushing south along Airline Rd (Hwy 25) at 3 AM past Hwy 198 after dawn along Peach Rd (Bolsa Rd) to San Miguel, Paso Robles, over (hot) Hwy 46 to Cambria before the final run with the wind back down to Cayucos. All very fun!

ooga-booga 05-31-13 11:29 PM

Date of Ride: 5/31/2013
Type of Ride: diy solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 100.7 miles
Ride Time: 7h 00m
Total Time: 8h 21m
Avg. Speed: 14.4 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 5,311 ft
Weather conditions: clear, sunny, dry, upper 60's at the coast-high 70's inland

synopsis of ride: had planned on heading north up the coast to oceanside pier and back but fog rolled in on the coast and made things cold.
didn't feel like being cold so headed east around the ucsd area, ascended scripps-poway parkway to the 67, then hung a right and descended
the 67 into lakeside. followed old highway 80 up to harbinson canyon and angled over to the bonita/chula vista area then north to home.
first time descending hwy 67 into lakeside and was happy with the wide shoulder but some fairly gusty crosswinds found me trying to keep it under
40 mph. nice day for a ride and the foothills weren't too hot-yet.

ooga-booga 06-28-13 08:49 PM

Date of Ride: 6/28/2013
Type of Ride: diy solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 102.3 miles
Ride Time: 7h 13m
Total Time: 7h 53m
Avg. Speed: 14.3 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 2,200 ft
Weather conditions: clear, sunny, dry, foggy. mid-upper 70's at the coast

synopsis of ride: stayed coastal because of the heatwave in the county and it was very pleasant along the coast. rode from downtown san diego
over to cabrillo national monument, then up to the oceanside pier and back. oodles of traffic along the coast highway in the del mar area because of the fair
but fortunately there were no bike lane incursions or closures so zipped by all the cagers.

ooga-booga 07-11-13 01:52 AM

Date of Ride: 7/10/2013
Type of Ride: diy solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 132.5 miles
Ride Time: 9h 00m
Total Time: 10h 31m
Avg. Speed: 14.7 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 10,337 ft
Weather conditions: high overcast, medium humidity, some light rain, clear later on, high 70's-high 80's.

synopsis of ride: rode from balboa park through scripps ranch/poway up to ramona and then old julian hwy/hwy 78 up to julian.
some light rain between wynola and the final approach to julian but not even enough to completely wet the road. fairly light traffic
today in the mtns...perhaps due to the chariot fire in anza-borrego sp/laguna mtns. high overcast and bearable humidity
made it a great day for a long ride in the area. upon reaching julian, headed south via hwy 79 through rancho cuyamaca state park.
eventually made it to japatul road, descended to tavern road in alpine, road old hwy 80 into lakeside and picked my way through santee
and mission gorge area before ascending fairmont/aldine into kensington and then home. really long day. underestimated the total ride
by about an hour of riding time so rode the last 45 minutes with just a blinking tailight.

sleepy 08-29-13 09:58 PM

It doesn't count, but just to validate myself, I've been doing 90mile rides every weekend for August. This weekend will be the last, planning to hit Baldy to Ski lifts.

GlenBandit 08-31-13 09:46 AM

SB to LA on a vintage 8 speed, no problem.

getting my post count up ;)

ooga-booga 09-21-13 09:38 PM

Date of Ride: 9/21/2013
Type of Ride: bike forums/brethren of the bike joint ride + additional miles-orange county
Actual Mileage: 101.1 miles
Ride Time: 6h 45m
Total Time: 8h 16m
Avg. Speed: 15.0 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 6,754 ft
Weather conditions: high overcast/clouds at start giving way to sun closer to the coast and afternoon. high 60's-mid 70's.

synopsis of ride: did a 68 mile ride with a combination of southern california bike forums members and brethren of the bike riding club. rode a variety of
roads north of the 5 fwy including 90% of the 1984 olympic road race course and santiago canyon from the el toro terminus/cook's corner area
to jamboree before heading west to the coast and including the pelican hill area along with the crystal cove stretch of pch and hwy 133 through
laguna canyon back to the start at the irvine train station. tacked on an additional 33 miles by riding from the station along barranca then west
along the san diego creek trail to the newport back bay area and back. missed riding a century in august and hadn't ridden one since 2nd week of july.

ooga-booga 09-25-13 11:13 PM

Date of Ride: 9/25/2013
Type of Ride: d.i.y. solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 105.8 miles
Ride Time: 7h 25m
Total Time: 8h 52m
Avg. Speed: 14.3 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 6,739 ft
Weather conditions: clear all day till last 2.5 coastal hours presented overcast. mid 70's inland, upper 60's-low 70's coastal.

synopsis of ride: mission valley area to mission gorge/santee area then up ca hwy 67 to the mt. woodson area near ramona. took highland valley rd
into the 15 corridor, scooted through escondido to harmony grove rd and eventually connected up with the la costa/coastal area. headed south on the
coast highway to ucsd/la jolla area. grabbed the rose canyon bike path/morena back to presidio park/old town area then up jackson to mission hills
and finally home. started late and coulda used another 25-30 minutes of daylight. my rechargeable rear blinker ran out of juice riding down university ave
in north park. all in all, roads in great/new or better than usual shape. only sketchy spot was bottom of big descent/western end of highland valley rd...
some dangerous vertical grooves big enough to catch a tire while going 35+.

jsigone 10-01-13 10:36 AM

Date of Ride: 9/14/2013
Type of Ride: d.i.y. solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 109.9
Ride Time: 6h 1m
Total Time: 8h 3m
Avg. Speed: 18.3 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 3,524 ft
Weather conditions: Fog lined coast and mid 90's inland.
synopsis of ride: Rode out the celo pacific club ride start in downtown carlsbad up to San O power plant, took the coast to the 56 back east to Ted Williams, Pomerardo and over lake hodge back into Escondido. Pretty fun day til I rode through a small swarm of bees crossing the 15, took two down the jersery OUCH

Date of Ride: 9/21/2013
Type of Ride: d.i.y. solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 94.3
Ride Time: 6h 3m
Total Time: 7h 15m
Avg. Speed: 15.6 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 7624 ft
Weather conditions: mid 80s in the SD canyons, lower 90s in De Luz and through Temecula
synopsis of ride: Rode out the celo pacific club from Escodido, through Elfin, Melrose, Polomar airport rd. Waited for them at the I5 and back tracked PAR, to Discovery hills, Barham, Woodland park, Country club, Broadway. Raced up Jesmond Dean, PR'd up that @ 16.1mph, took 395 to Circle R, raced up that and another PR @ 13.9mph. Down Lilacs to West lilac. Took Olive hill to Mission, Main Street and dropped into De Luz Canyon at about mile 70 for me. Before hitting the fire station we made a right on Harris truck trail with some epic steep pitches and wicked steep decent. Popped out on the north end of the canyon before headed down Rancho California road into temecula. Took frontage st to 79, then started head south on Rainbow Canyon road. My buddy was running out of time to get his motorcycle out of the shop before they closed at 4. His wife picked us up at the country store on top of Rice canyon. I opt'd for the ride back in the car, legs could make it up Couser but not the Lilacs back into Valley Center. I left about 20 miles and 1800ft on the table. Still pretty epic day in the canyons.

ooga-booga 10-03-13 12:51 AM

Date of Ride: 10/2/2013
Type of Ride: d.i.y. solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 121.8 miles
Ride Time: 9h 01m
Total Time: 10h 36m
Avg. Speed: 13.5 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 11,197 ft
Weather conditions: upper 40's-low 50's at start, upper 60's-mid 80's (in the desert) throughout. clear, no clouds/overcast. low humidity.

synopsis of ride: did a modified "figure 8" ride of the laguna/cuyamaca triangle + julian/lake henshaw/anza borrego/banner grade. Started off at the 8 fwy/hwy 79
parking lot, heading east thru guatay and pine valley before descending old hwy 80 to kitchen creek rd. ascended kitchen creek with company (a rare treat out there)
and turned right/uphill onto sunrise hwy. some road work near the mt laguna store and farther down by the al bahr shrine camp/penny pines plantation turnout.
perfect fall day in the lagunas...the leaves have started to change colors on the kellogg/black oaks. right at the wishbone s1/79 intersection to (mostly) descend to
julian. fairly quiet in julian and descended to santa ysabel for a few slices of pie and a little rest. headed north on the 79, eventually turning right on the s2 towards ranchita.
was a little worried about desert temps-regardless of weather websites- but decided to go for it. got past teofilio summit and dropped down into the desert with a substantial
and appreciated tailwind all the way to scissors crossing. desert temps were in the mid 80's but felt more like upper 70's. turned right (west) on the 78 heading for julian again.
was hoping the banner store at the bottom of the grade would be open-no dice. fortunately, the water fountain on the west side of the store was perfectly functional since i was
low on water. struggled up banner grade in bonk mode until just before wynola rd where i felt a bit stronger. made it up to julian and the 79 south turnoff and rolled through
cuyamaca rancho state park, enjoying the great descent back to the starting point. low traffic on all roads but that's a benefit of riding during the week. love the mountain/desert interface
rides but temp-wise, difficult to do unless it's oct/nov or march/april so had to jump on the opportunity.

ooga-booga 10-15-13 07:22 PM

Date of Ride: 10/15/2013
Type of Ride: d.i.y. solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 102.4 miles
Ride Time: 6h 45m
Total Time: 7h 32m
Avg. Speed: 15.2 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 4,593 ft
Weather conditions: upper 60's-low 70's coast, mid 70's-low 80's inland.

synopsis of ride: late start so needed to crush miles without stop signs, stop lights or pesky hills. headed south
and did the silver strand bikeway into coronado and back up to bonita, heading east at that point. made my way to the 94 hwy, ascended to jamul, then dropped down to dehesa road. eventually contacted
harbinson canyon rd and climbed that to the 8 fwy corridor. turned left/west and descended into the el cajon/
lakeside/santee area. a little dig over the top of mission gorge road and into mission valley. climbed fairmont
to aldine into kensington and back onto the mesa. a simple, flat 4 miles from there. a relatively easy century
given the pancake flatness of the first 40 miles. nice fall day.

jsigone 10-29-13 10:57 AM

Date of Ride: 10/19/2013
Type of Ride: d.i.y. solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 95.4
Ride Time: 5h 10m
Total Time: 6h 38m
Avg. Speed: 18.4 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 2,860 ft
Weather conditions: Low 60's am and high 70's by noon.
synopsis of ride: Rode out the celo pacific club ride start in downtown carlsbad up to San O power plant and back to Escondido via Palomar Airport Rd.

jsigone 11-02-13 08:31 PM

Date of Ride: 11/2/2013
Type of Ride: d.i.y. solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 101.1
Ride Time: 5h 36m
Total Time: 6h 42m
Avg. Speed: 18.0 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 3,980 ft
Weather conditions: Low 60's am and low 70's by noon.
synopsis of ride: Started in Escondido, Rode through Elfin forest to the coast then down to climb inside Torrey Pines, back up the coast and had brunch at the Carlsbad Grand deli...French toast was awesome...then took the coast north to SLR bike path, 76 to fallbrook, Camino Del Rey to 395, right on twin oaks to east on Mission. Goal was stay under 140bpm, I got on the throttle a bit in cbad for a few miles but kept things pretty tame. Ave HR for the ride was 131, maxed at 167. My body's max is 192.

jsigone 11-11-13 06:51 PM

Date of Ride: 11/9/2013
Type of Ride: RGR 6 man team tt
Actual Mileage: 93mile (shortened course, supposed to be 101.6)
Ride Time: 7h 08m
Total Time: 9h 11m
Avg. Speed: 13.0 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 10,715 ft
Weather conditions: High 70's low 80s in the canyons at noon. Temps dipping near sunset coming off the mt top
synopsis of ride: ride report found here

strava link :

ooga-booga 11-27-13 01:29 AM

Date of Ride: 11/26/2013
Type of Ride: d.i.y. solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 104.8 miles
Ride Time: 6h 45m
Total Time: 7h 47m
Avg. Speed: 15.5 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 1,469 ft
Weather conditions: low 70's on the coast

synopsis of ride: stayed coastal today. 2 big loops-one in the mission valley/mission bay/lindbergh field area and one in the bonita/coronado area. nice day but an uneventful ride as i just felt like flats today. lowlight of the day was discovering that my intended lunch target-fatburger in pb on the corner of mission/garnet-is gone, replaced by another burger place. crestfallen. heartbroken. distraught. hit pizza port in ob instead. don't worry about me...i'll get thru this somehow. more rides to escondido i suppose.

on a positive note, this was century number 20 for the year. was shooting for 24 or averaging 2 a month in 2013. i've got some work to do.

jsigone 11-30-13 11:08 PM

Date of Ride: 11/30/2013
Type of Ride: d.i.y. solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 117.8miles
Ride Time: 6h 27m
Total Time: 8h 05m
Avg. Speed: 18.3 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 4,488 ft
Weather conditions: High 50s's at the start and low 70s along the cost. Wind breaker was pocketed at 9am and stayed off
synopsis of ride: Rode from Escondido to meet my club in carlsbad then headed for an out and back to San O power plant. Brunch back at the Grand Deli in Carlsbad then head to Torrey Pines up the inside, down the outside then took the 56 bike trail to the end of Ted Williams and Pomerado back to Esco. Felt good on today's ride, I tried a flyer at the sprint point in San O as some of the guys up front started to sit up a couple MPH. Ended up getting caught in the last 50yrds but fun as heck giving it a solid try:thumb:

This was my 3rd century for the month, Had 2 as my goal.
strava link :

ooga-booga 12-03-13 11:31 PM

Date of Ride: 12/3/2013
Type of Ride: d.i.y. solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 107.0 miles
Ride Time: 7h 35m
Total Time: 8h 32m
Avg. Speed: 14.1 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 8,149 ft
Weather conditions: mid-high 50's coastal, inland and low mountains. mist/rain in low mountains and last 45 minutes of ride

synopsis of ride: north from balboa park thru mission hills, mission bay and over mount soledad. up torrey pines rd and along the coast
to chesterfield in cardiff. headed east along san elijo lagoon and north on el camino real with a right on rancho santa fe rd, continuing
up to san elijo hills. over double peak into san marcos, then east to and thru escondido up the 78 into ramona. san vincente rd/wildcat canyon rd
past barona casino and down to lakeside. west through mission gorge area and back up onto the mesa. drivers better than usual on the 78 ascent.
drivers worse than usual on the 14 mile stretch of wildcat canyon rd from ramona to lakeside. happy holidays.

ooga-booga 12-10-13 09:12 PM

Date of Ride: 12/10/2013
Type of Ride: d.i.y. solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 100.2 miles
Ride Time: 6h 44m
Total Time: 7h 51m
Avg. Speed: 14.9 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 6,106 ft
Weather conditions: low-mid 40's at start and in canyons first 2 hours, mid 50's-low 60's thereafter. occasional cloud cover. tailwind heading south on coast highway.

synopsis of ride: started from the utc/ucsd area after ugly traffic on the 5 fwy scrapped my plans to ride san clemente/laguna beach area. headed ne on nobel and
took camino santa fe into mira mesa, eventually emerging onto black mtn rd heading north. over the ped bridge at lake hodges and took bear valley parkway,
skirting the edge of escondido till it merged with valley center rd. ascent of valley center rd with a left on lilac. did the lilac/west lilac stretch (first time) between valley
center and bonsall/hwy 76 area. light traffic on that stretch. warmest point of the entire ride was the 11+ mile westbound ride on hwy 76. a little 5 min toodle-oo around
the mission san luis rey as i had never actually been, then west into o-side and lunch at the 69 mile point @ knockout pizza in carlsbad on the coast hwy. nice tailwind present
heading southbound. rode past bill walton in the del mar racetrack area of the coast hwy but didn't realize it was him for a few seconds (how many 6'11" guys ride?!) as he was
in the process of remounting and getting going again. hadn't seen him riding out and about since spying him up at cabrillo natl monument last year. good to know he's still truckin.
headed up the inner grade at torrey pines then noodled around the la jolla shores/ucsd area to make it a century since i had miscalculated the distance by approx 7 miles.
all i want for christmas is the pavement fixed on torrey pines rd (both sides) from genesee, southbound to the scripps aquarium area. stuff is ripped all to hell.

need 2 more centuries this month to meet the 2013 goal of 2 a month or 24 this year. kicking myself for wimping out on all those glorious days march-november since the dec/jan ones are nearly always less pleasant due to temps and short days. started at 8am and kept the rain/wind jacket on till 10:40, taking it off for the valley center ascent. kept the arm warmers on all
day, had 2 merino (one short sleeve, one long sleeve) layers on, a med-weight jersey, bib tights, a skullcap, 2 pairs of socks and full-finger gloves. i regretted none of it. brrr.

ooga-booga 12-12-13 07:29 PM

Date of Ride: 12/12/2013
Type of Ride: d.i.y. solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 99.4 miles
Ride Time: 6h 32m
Total Time: 7h 30m
Avg. Speed: 15.2 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 3,467 ft
Weather conditions: low 50's at start, low-mid 60's for majority of ride.

synopsis of ride: started around 8:45am and headed south from balboa park area and did the bayshore bike trail + silver strand trail to coronado & back to imperial beach area.
cut inland into chula vista, taking orange ave/olympic parkway, rolling past the us olympic training center and onto otay lakes rd. at the junction of otay lakes/hwy 94, a lotta
road construction with cars/trucks backed up in 4 directions and caltrans utilizing pilot trucks to guide motorists (and me). fortunately, the stretch between the
otay lakes/honey springs rd/hwy 94 junction to the outskirts of jamul (fire station) just got repaved-including the previously crappy shoulders. sweet. headed into jamul where
the road shoulders are currently torn up and descended into rancho san diego. the area immediately west of jamul and in town on the 94 is still being repaved. west on jamacha and north to fuerte, making a left and skirting the base of mt. helix. dropped into the fletcher pkwy trough and got out nearly as quickly onto el cajon blvd westbound. took that past the college area and hung a right on 54th st then a quick left on monroe. squiggled through 19 miles of (mission) valley rim riding through the talmadge, kensington, north park, normal heights and university heights neighborhoods north of el cajon blvd/adams ave. such a blast. so many beautiful homes/gardens, low traffic and fewer stop signs than you'd expect. only downside is that approx half the streets need repaving but you usually have the street to yourself so it's easy to pick the best line through the cracks. what a riding resource to have in the metro sd area. perfect for a chill ride with the family or the chain gang. el cajon or adams is never more than a mile away and both have multiple bike stores and more than enuff quality craft cocktail/beer places to wet your whistle. best views in the university heights area. rode over the vermont st bridge, east on university, a right on 30th st and home. time for a beer.

ooga-booga 12-13-13 07:53 PM

Date of Ride: 12/13/2013
Type of Ride: d.i.y. solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 100.6 miles
Ride Time: 6h 58m
Total Time: 8h 2m
Avg. Speed: 14.4 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 2,698 ft
Weather conditions: mid 50's at start, low-mid 60's for rest of ride. mild breeze from the n/nw

synopsis of ride: wound through balboa park, bankers hill and mission hills area before giving in to a donut craving and a little 10 minute stop. did the mission valley south rim ride again
like previous day but west to east this time. made a left on 54th st and bombed down montezuma to fairmont and then over to qualcomm stadium area. west through mission valley and
a right on morena blvd. took that to milton, ascending to burgener and connecting with claremont dr. claremont drive north to claremont mesa and nw across the 52 fwy into the utc
area after a little zig-zag from regents to genesee. genesee to ucsd and down torrey pines road and into la jolla village. past bird rock, into pacific beach, and rode the south shore-
crown point area of mission bay. one lap around fiesta island, west along the san diego river (north side road) crossing over at the ocean beach bridge. then back east on the ocean beach
bike path into old town. hopped over to rosecrans, ascended catalina up to the small shopping center, negotiated the descent on canon with all the blah pavement and rode shelter island.
harbor dr east to harbor island, riding the length of that, then into downtown. up & down b st, then up c st into golden hill and home.

a kinda blah century but good on a few fronts personally. first time doing back-to-back centuries, first time doing 3 centuries in a 4-day span, first time doing 4 centuries in a calendar
month and also met my goal of 24 centuries for 2013. i'm setting the same century goal for 2014. now excuse me whilst i grab a cerveza and soak the undercarriage.

jsigone 12-21-13 06:49 PM

Date of Ride: 12/21/2013
Type of Ride: d.i.y. solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 101.3
Ride Time: 5h 38m
Total Time: 7h 19m
Avg. Speed: 17.9 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 3,389 ft
Weather conditions: 35* at the start got to 55 or so by lunch time. Changing winds along the coast made things interesting
synopsis of ride: From Escondido, rode out the celo pacific club ride start in downtown carlsbad up to San O power plant, took 76 bike path to Camino Del Rey and 395 back into Esco

jsigone 12-27-13 09:30 PM

Date of Ride: 12/27/2013
Type of Ride: d.i.y. solo century-san diego county
Actual Mileage: 97.1
Ride Time: 5h 45m
Total Time: 6h 29m
Avg. Speed: 16.9 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 3,278 ft
Weather conditions: 80 inland and 70s along the beach, wind from the north made me work some
synopsis of ride: From Escondido, Broadway to Jesmond Dean, 395 to Camino Del Rey, 76 to beach the through camp Pend up to San O and came back through Palomar Airport home. Snapped a front spoke before Trestles so just turned around there, was planning to get up to Dana Point. Oh well...but the sunset was super nice today:love:
Coastal view from Cbad to San Diego by jsig1, on Flickr

leaping_gnome 01-25-14 10:34 AM

Hi all, great job everyone.

Due to poor health I lost some of my momentum during the second half of the year. But I didn't completely die. Here's a thumbnail summary of my longer rides in the second half of 2013. Cheers for 2014!

6/8 ToTF (Tour of Two Fires) 131 mi 6,949 ft
6/24 GRR (brevet) 258 mi 10,502 ft
7/13 Desert to the Beach 143 mi 5,128 ft
7/20 Commute to Work @ 113 deg F 101 mi 1,899 ft
8/4 Retro Ramble 106 mi 6,617 ft
8/17 ToTF (modified) 168 mi 9,428 ft
9/14 North SLO County Ramble 108 mi 5,417 ft
9/28 Lighthouse Century 89 mi
10/27 GMR Brevet 126 mi 12,000 ft
11/16 Sky Road Mixed Terrain 84 mi 8,807 ft
1/1/14 Ca Riviera Brevet 127 mi 10,966 ft


catridesabike 02-14-14 01:40 PM

Ride 1 of 12
Date of Ride: 2/1/2014
Type of Ride: solo century-Los Angeles County
Actual Mileage: 105.94 miles
Ride Time: 6:16:31
Total Time: 6:25:24
Avg. Speed: 16.9 mph
Altitude Climbed: approx. 4,833 ft
Weather conditions: Sunny light breeze out - Mild to strong headwinds on return.

From Long Beach to Glendora Mountain Rd. and back. The return ride was all head winds with last 15 pure torture. Brought lots of snacks which I saved most of for ride back (glad I did). I made it back in time for happy hour with friend at local bar. That beer tasted so good. Can't wait to do it again.

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