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Gallo 07-03-13 08:32 PM

SoCal Heading across the pond
So I have been busy lately and no time to ride. This is based on my summer vacation which will be in DK to visit the Viking side of the Family to which I have no direct relation but have married into the land of ice and snow. I plan on taking some rides there. SquidChris is my inspiration for a credit card tour to unknown territories

TrojanHorse 07-04-13 12:58 PM

Heck, I lived in Denmark for 3 and a half years back in the early 80s. I rode my bike ALL OVER sjaelland. Well, at least the parts easily reached from Copenhagen.

Take some pictures!

hamster 07-04-13 01:57 PM

I'm nitpicking, but "land of ice and snow" DK is not. Snow does occur occasionally, but it quickly melts, even in Copenhagen (which is in the coldest part of Denmark). The country is roughly comparable to New Jersey in terms of winter climate.

Led Zeppelin's "land of ice and snow" was Iceland, which, ironically, isn't too icy or snowy either (along the coast). The band toured in Reykjavik in June 1970, when, naturally, there wasn't a snowflake in sight for miles, and used their experience to inspire the song. They probably thought it was snowy in winter. Or maybe they just liked the words.

The only European capitals outside former Soviet Union with permanent snow cover in winter are Stockholm, Helsinki and Warsaw.

calamarichris 07-05-13 05:22 PM

It's one of the happiest places on Earth.
It's one of the most bicycle-friendly places on Earth.
(Not saying there's a connection, just saying.)

I only drove there when I lived in Holland, and never took a two-wheeler there. It sucked a good deal less than Texas. A great deal.

Only suggestion I have that might be remotely helpful is: get plenty of sleep before you embark. This time of year, the sun goes down around midnight, and comes up at 3AM. That's a lot of daylight for riding, drinking, dancing, and screwing, but not much time for sleep. If you're there for more than 3 days, you'll gain a keener understanding of human endurance.
Bring chocolate-covered espresso beans; that should help. And don't expect to fly back on Sunday night, and go to work at 9AM Monday morning--you'll need a few days to recover.

Gallo 07-20-13 06:00 AM

My wife is from here so the daylight thing is always an adjustment but never a surprise. I normally adjust much better when going home rather than coming over here. The trip was planned well and I will get back with a couple of days for recovery

As far as my reference to the Led Zepplin song the band has never really been historically correct. I do not think that Sauron and Gollum made off with Robert Plants girl as they were never friend's and the steps of Mordor is not a good place to pick up on chicks. Also the settlement in Iceland was after many raids into England to secure new lands as part of the Viking Immigration policy, often coming from the shores of Denmark. And while there is little in the way of hot springs the cold wind most certainly does blow and often. I have personally witnessed much ice and snow here in North West Salling. It gets as the locals put it pissing cold here. The wind blows from the west hard so regularly that all trees are bent toward the east. The towers of the local churches are on the west side without exception in this area as to provide a wind block to the church itself.

Have done a couple of short rides with my brother in law on the local paths which are old rail lines turned into pedestrian/cycle paths which are well marked and quite nice. Great place to bike.

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