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Sci-Fi 07-21-13 12:52 AM

Cannondale Ryker quick review
Just bought one at REI without trying one on. No local LBS or store has them in stock but can order one.
So lets start with the fit. If you have a Bell shaped head, its fine. But if you have a Giro shaped head like me, you need to remove the side pads and either remove the velcro stickons or buy a pack of round velcro at your local 99cent only store and leave the wax paper on, just trim 4 of the fuzzy ones and stick on the existing velcro. The full side pads really add too much pressure at that point when making the proper adjustments and you will get a headache after awhile. Helmet is still comfortable without the side pads and the velcro stickons I used in place of the pads are not noticible. The micro adjuster is typical or comparable to other helmets.
Straps are decent and soft. For added comfort, run the front straps under the nearest pad next to the strap-to-helmet attachment point. Doesnt affect strap movement or adjustability and as a bonus makes it easier to put on and helps laying out the straps faster.
Cooling is good even at low speeds with those massive vents. Could have be better, even world class, if Cannondale had used deeper channels like found in the Giro Ionos and Aeon.
Prefer a bit more rear head protection in a mountain helmet but its passable and probably was a compromise to keep the helmet weight down.
The peak or visor seems a bit thin and flexy but any movement is not noticible when riding. Removes easy enough for those that dont want a visor but no plugs are included.
Overall the Cannondale Ryker is a good mountain or everyday helmet and is light and cool enough to use on hot and humid days (like we have experienced the past few weeks). Aggressive styling and some color/pattern combinations are pretty radical and asymetrical. Ended up ordering the cabernet color although the green and black asymetrical design was almost interesting enough to buy. IMHO, its a good value at its pricepoint ($85.00).

calamarichris 07-23-13 12:27 AM


Originally Posted by Sci-Fi (Post 15872270)
, just trim 4 of the fuzzy ones

Number One never trims.

Sci-Fi 07-23-13 07:25 AM

lol...thats one character I never invested any time on. IMHO, the character never moved beyond the wooden stage.
Just to add to the review, the helmet weighs about 250 grams, not bad for its overall size. Also the front pads provide enough side coverage and comfort on par with other helmets.

calamarichris 07-23-13 11:03 AM


Originally Posted by Sci-Fi (Post 15879209)
lol...thats one character I never invested any time on. IMHO, the character never moved beyond the wooden stage.

True, but Riker took care of most of the grunt-work, which lent more dignity to Captain Picard. (BTW, it took two modern men to accomplish the feats and romantic kill-ratio of ONE Captain Kirk.)

(The Shat-Kirk, not this new prettyboy who's only good at getting beaten like a prison wife. [Happened in Bottleshock also.])

jabantik00 07-23-13 05:57 PM

is there a cannondale picard? make it so, number one

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