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brigoody 07-30-13 09:31 PM

Riding on 52 East
I'm going to be in Tierrasanta tomorrow and was thinking of riding into Santee/Lakeside area and back. Last time I was on 52E, they had bike lanes, but now I hear there is a bike path separated by K rail. I saw a youtube video of a guy riding this route, but he was on the west bound side riding against traffic. Are you not able to ride on the east bound side anymore?

ooga-booga 07-30-13 10:45 PM

the 52 fwy bike path used to be on the eastbound (south) side of the freeway and you used to be able to hit 50+ on that wide path (without barriers!!!) descent with the big, prevailing tailwind.
after the expansion construction ended a few years back, it settled on the westbound (north) side on the freeway. there are the 3 ft high concrete barriers in place the entire way save a 50 yd
section. the path is still a recommended ride/connector to/from santee-mission gorge/tierrasanta but is better as an ascent heading west from santee. you have to battle the headwind and a
slightly steeper and longer incline so it can be a good 7+ minute workout. there can also be quite a bit of trash/road detritus in the lane (especially heading into santee) so beware on the descent.

ooga-booga 07-30-13 10:52 PM

try to carve out some extra time to ride through mission trails regional park. the entire park itself is more of a mtb riding area but the road (junipero serra trail) that runs thru the gorge and the climb up mission gorge road (either direction) are must-do roadie segments in the area. more scenic than anything else in the immed area.

hamster 08-01-13 10:57 PM

Rode that bike path from Santee to Tierrasanta this evening. Westbound trip is a long, boring, noisy slog into headwind. But the pavement is good and reasonably clean. Median Strava travel time is 12:17 from the beginning of the path to the summit, though the first mile is relatively flat, and 9:08 for the steep portion only (4.5-5%).

P.S. Junipero Serra trail has nice views, but the west lane has throngs of pedestrians and the east lane is one way (northbound only) and has speed bumps every few hundred feet.

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