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ovoleg 08-04-13 04:31 PM

I miss SoCal cycling :(
Seriously miss SoCal(San Fernando Valley) was epic cycling weather and terrain.

MTB anyday...
Road bike anyday...
Velodrome(never ridden but...) anyday...

Mountains, Flats, Beaches, Switchbacks, Good roads, Trees...

I need to return ASAP.

lilpoindexter 08-04-13 09:33 PM

So Comeback...The weather this weekend was ridiculously good....cooler than usual, about 80F most places, partly sunny...

lesiz 08-05-13 05:44 AM

Where are you now?

alicestrong 08-05-13 05:46 AM

and SoCal cycling misses you....:)

Jed19 08-05-13 11:26 AM


Originally Posted by lesiz (Post 15926285)
Where are you now?

Russian Federation. Siberia, I think:D

ovoleg 08-05-13 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by alicestrong (Post 15926292)
and SoCal cycling misses you....:)

haha yeah what happened to that dude!! I challenged him up Reseda one day and he never showed up. I had a feeling he was fast tho.

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