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GP 08-04-13 10:14 PM

Took a Spill Today
Stepped on a paint stripe on a handicapped ramp in front of 7-11. Went head over heels, landed on my butt and spilled my Big Gulp. I've never seen my friends laugh that hard before.

The good part is that the group split just before we stopped so there were only 6 witnesses instead of 15.

lilpoindexter 08-04-13 10:23 PM

What flavor was the big gulp?

GP 08-04-13 10:27 PM


Mr. Beanz 08-04-13 11:15 PM

These group ride mishaps happen. Glad you are ok! :D

lesiz 08-05-13 05:42 AM

There's your problem. Shoulda been black cherry.

sojourn 08-05-13 08:00 AM

Is the bike ok?

GP 08-05-13 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by sojourn (Post 15926695)
Is the bike ok?

The bike was keeping its distance from me, safely leaning on a curb about 15' away.

calamarichris 08-05-13 10:03 AM

You know you're spending too much time on the bike when you've forgotten how to walk.

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