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eapa34 08-07-13 11:08 PM

Apps on Android
Anybody use any apps for road biking here that measure distance and such? I want to know your opinion of the app you use and why its better than the others. -thanks

Elvo 08-08-13 02:25 AM

Strava, Google My Tracks

mwandaw 08-08-13 09:30 AM

If you just want to measure time, distance and elevation, Strava, Google My Tracks and the Garmin website work well. Which one is better is mostly a matter of personal preference.

If you want to add the ability to view cue sheets and turn-by-directions on your Android phone, I recommend the app called CueSheet, combined with You can map out a route on, then download it to your phone. Once on the phone you can view a cue sheet or get turn-by-turn directions on a map or with a spoken voice. After your ride you can add your time and other information to the route you composed on Then you can compare your performance next time you ride that route.

CueSheet is new and a little rough around the edges. For example, I frequently get false "off-course" warnings. You can turn off the warnings if you want. In addition, the developer is very responsive to user concerns and requests.

I have heard concerns that the app would use up the phone battery, leaving riders with no way to make emergency phone calls. On my phone, if I start with a full charge, a three hour ride uses about 50% of the battery, so I still have enough for many phone calls. If you download the map tiles in advance the battery will last longer. You can also buy a spare battery for ~$20 and use it only in case of emergency.

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