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Mayday.JP 08-08-13 01:52 PM

To the riders who helped me on the SGRT today!
Thank you so much!!

Got a flat and didn't have any of my tools or a spare because my saddle bag was stolen at work earlier this week. I was walking to wilderness park to get a ride and two guys stopped, gave me a tube, tire levers and CO2 and helped me change my flat. I know one of them (Maybe all of them) was from Adobo Velo and if so, you guys are classy cyclists. I appreciate the help and hopefully we run into each other again on better terms!

Ride safe!!

volosong 08-08-13 02:25 PM

A lot of roadies are some of the most kind and considerate riders out there, (to other road cyclists - probably dirt guys too. Don't know since I don't run in those circles.) Thanks for the nice story. Sux about your seat bag. Karma will get them.

Mr. Beanz 08-08-13 02:54 PM

Adobo Velo are some pretty cool guys! I know one or two but not the others and there are a whole lot of them. Some time back they did a GMR ride and had a well supplied sag vehicle. They offered aid to other riders as well. Last weekend on on our GMR ride, they had a small silver SUV as support on a smaller group ride. The two women occupants kept shouting encouraging word to Gina (as seen in the video). Of course the guys would leave us far behind but before the women drove ahead for the final time, they stopped and offered supplies before they left us behind. Pretty good outfit they've got there! :thumb:

The organizer (?) is named Francis from what I hear. He organizes The Tour De Francis, a big major climbing ride. I've also head it's free, one only needs to sign up, AND they provide a big huge feast for the riders.

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