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Lesper4 09-30-13 05:20 PM

Motorcyclist do not like the chip seal either. But for the same reason you stated, loose gravel.

Lesper4 11-05-13 02:26 PM

Well now, the 2014 TOC is going from Pasadena to Mt High, across Hwy 2 on that horrid chipseal...?

Mansram01 11-05-13 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by Lesper4 (Post 16221890)
Well now, the 2014 TOC is going from Pasadena to Mt High, across Hwy 2 on that horrid chipseal...?

It's Santa Clarita to Mt High but this will still go through Hwy 2.

bitingduck 11-05-13 06:31 PM

I pedaled it saturday from LCF to Mt Wilson and it's pretty solid now. Not as nice as the road was new, and it needs some rockfall debris to be swept, but quite rideable. Then again, I almost descended via the Mt Lowe fire road because it was late afternoon and there's more sun there.

The center-line rumble strips are probably a bigger safety issue for the TOC than the road surface itself. They were pretty visible before, where they were cut into the fresh road. Now they're partially filled and some are more visible than others, and a hazard if you're anywhere near the center of the road with just two wheels. It looks like they painted indicators to recut them, but descending in a group with the center-line cutouts won't be fun-- worse than bots dots and reflectors for sure.

JustMe 11-17-13 08:41 PM

I've ridden plenty of chip seal in other states, and can definitely say it isn't as nice as well maintained asphalt. But there maybe other advantages, aside from just the cost of surfacing, to be considered by those making the decisions. I see no reason motorcyclists would be apprehensive about a chip seal surface since it provides greater traction. I'm not talking about loose gravel. Second, it may ****** the flow of runoff from rain and snow melt reducing the amount of erosion of adjacent soil, particularly during rehab following the Station Fire. I'll live with a little buzz.

JustMe 11-17-13 08:52 PM

Are you kidding me! R E T A R D as in slow the rate of flow, is a censored term.

TJKnight 11-17-13 10:21 PM

You're the first cyclist I've heard applaud the chip seal on ACH. Most of the folks I've spoken with think the decision was R E T A R D E D.

JustMe 11-18-13 09:13 PM

Hey TJ.:) It is only with great trepidation and an abundance of caution that I applaud any action by a bureaucratic entity since I share the sentiment that most of what they do is R E T A R D E D. :lol:

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