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Lesper4 09-06-13 11:50 PM

Buying a new bike
So I was recently hit by a car and my bike is done. I had a Cannondale CAAD9 5. I am looking to upgrade now and was thinking about a Cannondale Evo Red (the base Evo). Another option is to get a Super Six Ultegra. Before I started riding I was 235lbs. I am now down to 210lbs and for a Clydesdale I can climb great. My typical ride pattern is to work once a week 15 miles and then a long ride on the weekend, usually 70 miles or more. I love to ride in the mountains so climbing is a must. I have done a few double centuries and plan to do some more but I prefer to do extra long centuries with lots of elevation.

My last bike was $1500 the Evo Red is upwards of $3000 with the sale this weekend. That is a big price jump. I am just trying to figure out if the jump is warranted? I actually wouldn't mind another CAAD but I really dislike this years color schemes but next years is alright but then again I wouldn't be upgrading. Each year I tend to ride more distance or elevations or bigger riders so it seems logical to get a better bike. What does everyone think? One and are Shimano parts compatible with Sram? Is one better then the other (red vs ultegra)? My local bike store was showing me the new Cannondale Synapse (they have a model that has a special price slash this weekend) but I think they are just trying to push the new thing.

P.S. I finally got to see the doctor and I have a Grade II AC separation but luckily that is all. I start physical therapy next week for 4 weeks or more (twice a week) so hopefully I will be back riding in November. In the mean time I plan to get a trainer and sit in my garage with either my hybrid or a replacement.

TrojanHorse 09-07-13 12:16 AM

The NEW red (the exogram / yaw stuff) is pretty awesome. The front shifting that everybody used to gripe about works great now (I have old red shifters, old red crank with new exogram chainrings and the new yaw FD and it's great). I wouldn't dog ultegra either - the first generation of under-the-tape was pretty rough going (according to what I read) but it's good again. Which one are you used to? Which shifters feel better in your hands? I'd pick the shifters/group that feel best honestly, the rest of the differences are pretty trivial.

If you want a triple, I think SRAM is out.

SRAM and Shimano are largely interchangeable but... the shifters need to match the derailleurs because the pull ratio is different. Cassettes, chains, chainrings etc are perfectly interchangeable. Brakes may not be, I think Shimano recently made some changes.

Are the components on your CAAD9 dead? You could always move them to a new frame and pick up some new wheels and off you go. If not, make sure you salvage & sell them - somebody is looking for whatever it is you have, pretty sure of that.

jsigone 09-07-13 12:25 AM

I have a super6 five, but stripped off the 105s for Rival. Frame is rock solid for every aspect of riding. Flats, hills climbs/hill sprints, decending is freaking awesome. I'd image the Evo is the same but slight lighter frame. I've been doing allot of centuries lately at a pretty nice clip of 19-20mph ave and don't feel beat up on the super6. When I got the bike in Sept of last yr I was about 220, now 196, it holding up fine.

I like to ride fast so knowing the Synapes geo might slow me down, I'd pick the race geo of the CAAD10/S6/EVO any day.

if your willing to drive or have a shop that will price match

Only compatible between SRAM and Shimano drive train is the front D, chain and cassettes. But I pick cassettes by which wheel I'm using. SRAMs fit better on alum body hubs for some reason, steel body freewheels will get a ultegra cassette.

Lesper4 09-07-13 07:25 AM

Thanks, my old CAAD is a triple but I am looking to get a compact. Also my levers are pretty much toast so the only thing that might transfer over are brakes. As for trying the bike out I cant really do that besides in a stationary position since my arm is in a sling.

hamster 09-07-13 09:00 AM

If you had Shimano shifters, you want to try Sram first to decide if you like the way they are shifting.

Lesper4 09-07-13 11:19 AM

By the way those a great prices on the bikes. Last time Dons price matched Incycle. I wonder if they would do the same with that store.

Dunbar 09-07-13 01:04 PM

A carbon fiber Evo with SRAM Red for $3k sounds like a good deal. If you go with Ultegra I'd go with the new 2014 11 speed 6800 Ultegra. It's supposed to be a big step up in shift quality from the "old" 10sp 6700.

hamster 09-07-13 02:12 PM

A guy I know (in SFBA) got a '13 carbon Giant with electronic shifting for 2600 last week.

Lesper4 09-07-13 03:11 PM

Wow from 105 to electronic to seam what a difference in just the function. I was able to feel the. Difference but did not do a ride .What everyone else have?

Bikegeek1968 09-07-13 03:41 PM

There are going to be many big sales as the year draws to a close, especially on SRAM Red and Shimano Ultegra bikes. Both are going to 11 speed next year, and they need an incentive to dump all of the remaining stock. As others have noted, Cannondale already has some pretty good prices out there.

On a related cost note, if you are going to be sticking with cycling, it never hurts to spend a little more as long as you avoid bleeding edge tech. I have never heard someone say I wish I had spent less on the bike. But there is always someone who says I wish I had spent a bit more. This person realizes (often within a few weeks)that the bike they just got with the heavy wheels and Sora drivetrain is not exactly what they needed. 3k for the Cannondale Evo Red looks really good right now.

hamster 09-07-13 04:36 PM


Originally Posted by Bikegeek1968 (Post 16041421)
There are going to be many big sales as the year draws to a close, especially on SRAM Red and Shimano Ultegra bikes. Both are going to 11 speed next year, and they need an incentive to dump all of the remaining stock. As others have noted, Cannondale already has some pretty good prices out there.(...) 3k for the Cannondale Evo Red looks really good right now.

Trek San Diego seems to be having a hard time dumping their high end Cannondales. They still have the same model that I bought last November, the Supersix with Di2 (it is '12, so, 2 years old by now). It had MSRP of $4700 (I think), it was sitting on their site for $3500 for as long as I remember, they cut the price down to $2600 recently, but it's been at least a couple of weeks and it's still in stock. I guess the market is slow? No point hurrying to buy anything.

nesdog 09-10-13 09:12 AM

I've been eyeing the Trek Domane 4.5 but crashed my Giant OCR nearly 6 weeks ago and won't be riding for another several weeks. So I missed the local sales. Too bad, right before my crash, I tested a 4.5 that was discounted....sigh.....will have to call that Trek shop down south if I decide to go Domane over the Roubaix or Scott CR1.

Blue Belly 09-10-13 09:38 AM

The higher end race bikes have always been tighter,lighter=faster with the compromise being long distance comfort. Features such as longer chain stays & laid back geometry generally cut into performance while adding comfort. If you want a faster bike, wheels are the place to start. You can put a nice light set of smooth rolling wheels on just about anything with race geometry & you will have a nice bike. A good set of solid working components will do . The higher end stuff dura ace, record etc, aren't necc. They do generally work/feel a little smoother & are lighter.

cdp8 09-10-13 02:11 PM

Don't rush in to buying a new ride until you are well enough to test ride. I have been a triple user for over 15 years. I though about going compact, but I thought I ought to try it first. I hated it. There is no good crossover point. Anytime I shifted between the two front rings, I also had to shift the rear 2-3 gears; that's how huge the steps are. You also lose range. On any ride up Baldy or to Dawson Saddle, I use my 30-28 and my 52-11 on the descent.

I have yet to see any compact that can support that range officially. (Yes, I've seen 32t rear on Di2 with the b screw flipped.) How the heck Shimano can have its US headquarters in SoCal with all the great climbing and yet keep shrinking the available gear range is beyond me.

There is also a fit issue. Will there be long-term consequences from the accident that affect your position on the bike? I don't think it's possible to know that when one first starts PT.

Then there's the budget. Knowing your reputation on this forum, I would assume the car was at fault. Has the property damage even been settled yet? If it was the driver's fault, they owe you money for your bike.

Good luck with your recovery.

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