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marquhar 09-17-13 04:24 PM

seal beach blvd. bridge now 4 lanes
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The work is not finished yet and the configuration is not optimal for bikes, but this bridge now has 4 total lanes. Its rideable if traffic is calm and you can hold the lane. Technically there is no shoulder and they marked it 'share the road'. Northbound there are k-rails guarding the right, and southbound there is a curb on your right.

I took this picture on Sept. 16 from North Gate (LW) road, after coming across from the SGRT. Since the wind was 15+ MPH I decided against riding over the bridge.

mwandaw 09-18-13 09:37 AM

We rode along North Gate Road to SGRT and back on the 14th, and we could see that the new bridge was almost ready. At least for car traffic, this is a BIG improvement.

Thanks for the update!

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