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Elvo 09-27-13 01:32 AM

Carbon Frame Painter in Socal (OC)?
Does anyone know any custom carbon frame painters in Orange County? I have this odd desire to paint my bike matt black.


skidder 09-27-13 08:58 AM

Most auto body shops should be able to do it. To get more specific, try a hot rod shop that works with fiberglas and carbon fiber auto bodies, or ask a high-end auto dealer where they get their cars' body work done (plenty of high-end dealers in Newport Beach). Also try a Chevy dealer - ask where they get work done on their Corvettes.

TJClay 09-28-13 06:38 PM


Rumpled 10-11-13 09:44 PM

I'll have to find Chuck Morris' info for you. He's supposed to be pretty good. Maybe I'll ask him if I see him at the races on Sunday.

9kfever 12-28-13 03:24 AM

Chuck owns Cycle Therapy. Did an awesome job on my cervelo.

bconneraz 01-03-14 11:23 PM

Not the OC, but not too far; some of the best. Joe Bell, and Cyclart.

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