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ivan_yulaev 10-03-13 11:51 AM

Pendleton Bike Route
Any of the regional riders know if the Camp Pendleton bike route is still open during the govt shutdown? Planning to do a ride through there before I leave San Diego, which means it has to happen within a week or so.

TrojanHorse 10-03-13 04:08 PM

Try one of these numbers and find out. Who knows what the government is up to these days.

CommuteCommando 10-03-13 06:04 PM

It's military, so my guess is yes, but still a good idea to check. My wife works the MCX (exchange), which is staying open since their budget is from operating revinues, but the commissary, which is govt subsdised groceries for mil family's is closing when their perishibles sell out.

Zmony 10-03-13 09:51 PM

It's open, rode through today.

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