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Garfield Cat 10-05-13 07:31 AM

Ciclavia Los Angeles
This Sunday the Ciclavia. Route map is similar to the one last year. But this time the winds and high temps might still be around.

CommuteCommando 10-05-13 08:32 AM

I am curious how getting there on Metrolink will work this time since a bunch of us who regulary commute by train raised holy hell over the disruption to regular service caused by the June ClusterVia. They pull bike cars out of regular service to assemble trains with 4-5 bike cars to feed the event, and those of us regular commuters had to cram 10-15 bikes on standard cars designed for 2. Some regular commuters were denied rides, or kicked off. We threatened mass protests if they did it again, and so far so good. We'll see how it goes Monday.

lilpoindexter 10-06-13 10:40 PM

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I went. It was fun. Not the place to try to set speed records, but a nice little day out enjoying Los Angeles from angles that are otherwise impossible to catch. I love these events.

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