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PhotoJoe 10-07-13 09:12 AM

What cycling event is in Santa Clarita?
OK, everywhere I go, I'm seeing "team" cars. Some of them look pretty official. Some are definitely....uh....."amatuer". I have to admit, some of the hand-painted signs on the cars/trucks/SUV's have been pretty funny. Anyway, it's obvious something is in town, but I have no idea what it is. Any help?

GP 10-07-13 09:42 AM

Furnace Creek 508.

Congratulations to at least 4 BF members!

Lesper4 10-07-13 10:54 AM

Amazing event! I crewed (first time ever) and it is hard on the crews as well, especially going past 20 hours awake. I helped out Kevin Walsh, the only 10 x solo rider. He came in about 40 mins under 24 hours, around 10 in his age group and I think 26th fastest time? The riders had head winds or cross winds all the way out to Trona, but they did die down some. On the way back there was no wind but the temps dropped down to 40 degrees in a few sections. I think there were 90 solo entrants, not sure how many teams.

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