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TacomaSailor 10-08-13 10:34 AM

Recommendation for San Diego county knee doc?
I need recommendations for a good knee doctor who is experienced with dealing with old jocks, bicycles, and really worn out knees. I live in San Diego but have no experience with orthopedic doctors in the area.

Who can recommend an San Diego county orthopedic physician with whom they have had personal experience while dealing with serious knee problems?

In particular I would like to hear from someone(s) who has had “knee resurfacing” done in the San Diego area.

I have many friends and family members who have had total knee replacements and I’ve read lots of blogs about bike riders and TKR so I don’t need to hear about those issues. I just need to find a doc in San Diego who has actually dealt with serious bike riders.

A little background:

I am 66 years old, a life time bike rider, worn out runner, and have had seven knee surgeries. Prior to the recent knee problem I was riding 75 – 150 miles a week on my road and mountain bikes.

An orthopedic practice in Tacoma, Washington took care of my knees for the last 35 years. At my last visit there, after many X-Rays and painful physical exams, they told me that additional surgical or medical intervention would be of no benefit to my knees. That was about seven years and 30,000 bike miles ago.

At this time my right knee is missing about 5 degrees of straightening and can only bend to 85 degrees. I can ride a bike with the seat set pretty high but can’t put much power into the pedal stroke.

Additionally, the knee is swollen and is quite painful to walk on after a ¼ mile or so.

The current problem started 12 days ago when I stood up from a chair and something in the outside back of the knee went “pop” and it felt like a knife thru the back of the knee. This has happened to me dozens of times in the last 30-years and normally, after 10 days or so the pain, swelling, and stiffness is pretty much gone. My orthopod in Tacoma says the interior knee surfaces are so rough that they rub on each other and break off small bone fragments, “joint mice”, that move around and tear the lining of the knee joint thus causing hydraulic locking of the knee. Sometimes the bone bits also impinge on nerves and cause the pain to radiate down the leg, which is happening this time.

The acute pain is gone but the dull ache when walking and stiffness, along with the limited range of motion, has not diminished in the last five-days.

Nachoman 10-08-13 01:05 PM

Richard F. Santore, M.D.
7910 Frost Street, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92123
I can't speak to your specific issues, but Dr. Santore is known as one of the best, if not the best, in San Diego.
If you want the top 5 contenders, send me a PM.

TrojanHorse 10-08-13 10:08 PM

I'm more of an LA/OC knee surgeon consumer but I'm out of cartilage (mostly) in my right knee (got blasted by a car 16 years ago). My last scoping was in 2006 and that doc figured I'd need it ever 5 years until knee replacement time. I'm currently resisting and have been injuring my foot as a way to distract from the knee. :)

if your doc told you further surgical interventions aren't worthwhile, why are you looking into resurfacing instead of replacement? I haven't spent much time looking into TKR so feel free to respond with "google it dummy"... I'm just curious, not questioning your decision.

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