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Dunbar 10-12-13 10:44 PM


Originally Posted by jmX (Post 16156010)
I rode SART, like I always do....saw about 10 people in 30 miles....barren tarmac of training awesomeness.

Isn't that stretch of SART usually pretty quiet?

jmX 10-13-13 02:21 AM


Originally Posted by Dunbar (Post 16156353)
Isn't that stretch of SART usually pretty quiet?

Mostly, but only 10 people in 30miles on a perfectly nice Saturday afternoon is on the extreme end.

IanInSD 10-13-13 09:47 PM


Originally Posted by GP (Post 16153934)
Come to Palomar with us next Sunday!

Depends on what happens this weekend. Haven't really cycled for a couple of months due to work and buying a house. Hopefully I can make it up the first half, if I can do that I'd be very happy.

daihard 10-13-13 09:49 PM

I rode the Sammamish River Trail with a friend - about 30 miles in total. It was fun. :)

jmX 10-13-13 11:50 PM

Did GMR/GRR/LittleGMR today...pretty empty out there at noon, and GRR was cold during the shady decents. A few less degrees and I would have really needed a windbreaker.

I'm finally almost as fast as I was 365 days ago when I started my new job, and lost most of my free time to train. Still 90 seconds short my best pace to the shack. Maybe 2014 will be a better year.

hamster 10-14-13 12:05 AM

Managed just short of 30 miles this week, after 45 and 49 miles the previous two weeks, starting to get worried about losing fitness for DV Fall. However, pulled off 94.8% of all-time high 5 minute power today (with a chain that hasn't been cleaned or lubed since before the previous double), so it's not all bad. Need to get serious next week though.

jmX 10-14-13 02:31 AM

Don't over do's probably a bit late to make much of a difference at this point.

Maybe I'll see ya out there...I still have my fingers crossed that DV National Park will be open.

Lesper4 10-14-13 10:35 PM
Finally back on the bike, back on the street. New bike feels amazing!

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