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jimxyz 10-23-13 03:38 PM

Travel cases - anyone have one or use one?
Ive been thinking abut getting a travel case, either a hard shell Thule type or the Biknd air bladder type - though I only travel a few time a year, and would prefer to rent one - I just have not been able to find any for rent (or decent rental bikes for that matter). I'd prefer a case that is large enough that I don't have to strip the bike (maybe take of pedals, seat post and bars) to fit it inside, but small enough that it will fit in the back of a larger SUV or rental car. I may be dreaming on satisfying those wish list items... Anyone have any experience with owning or renting a case - if so, any advice? Thanks!

Dalai 10-24-13 03:31 AM

I own a Polaris Bike Pod which is an EVA foam case. At 6.8kg it is lighter than a hard case which is helpful keeping excess baggage charges to a minimum and offers close to the same protection. With bike, tools, shoes and helmet plus spares it ends up around 19kg packed.

You do need to remove pedals and seat post plus rotate the handlebars. As an extra precaution I do remove the rear derailleur... It does fit in the back of a medium Euro hatch with the back seats down, so you do need to be a little selective if hiring a car.

Biggest downside is manouvering - the molded handle makes walking with the case awkward, though I tend to loosen the front strap and hold this and managed okay walking some fair distances to accommodation if travelling with public transport.

mwandaw 10-24-13 08:15 AM

I have a sense of loyalty to the So Cal forum, but you will probably get more information from a forum that has a wider audience, such as those listed below.



Tandem (Traveling with bikes is a popular subject here.)

Good luck!

calamarichris 10-24-13 11:29 AM

I got the Tri-All 3 case earlier this year and UPSed my bike to Colorado.
It's well-made, but I'm going to line the inside with the sound-absorbing foam.

It's a little on the heavy side, which may give some baggage-monkeys license to abuse it. My bike made it fine to and from Colorado, except my damned 80's Schwinn seatpost bolt was missing. Not sure if it fell out, or if someone got opportunistic, because they are hard to find. The case is also lockable, but I didn't have time to shop around for a lock.

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