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Lesper4 11-05-13 02:30 PM

2014 Amgen Tour of California
Well the host cities are announced and you can pretty much figure out the routes if you are local to the areas. It seems to be another disappointing year. They are calling Mt High a mountain top finish which it isn't really. And people cant even watch the mountain top finishes since they are on Tuesday (Mt Diablo) and Friday (Mt High). I may have to take a long weekend.

redbike2001 11-05-13 04:18 PM

Why isn't Mt High a mountain top finish?

TJKnight 11-05-13 04:43 PM

Santa Clarita gets TWO starts??? I wonder how the peloton will approve of the new chipseal on ACH.

hamster 11-05-13 05:06 PM

Are you assuming that they get to Mt High using Angeles Crest Highway? Yes, that wouldn't be much of a mountain top finish. But Big Pines Highway is 3200 ft of straight up and the last half mile is about 10% grade. They went there in '12 (back then they were starting much closer - in Palmdale - so this was not the last climb and they went on to Big Bear. This time they are starting in Santa Clarita and even the most direct route from Santa Clarita to Mt High is 65 miles.)

I'm curious how they intend to squeeze three full consecutive stages in the space between Thousand Oaks and Mountain High. The one from Santa Clarita to Pasadena is especially problematic to draw without doing laps or going on the same roads as stages before and after. Is route 39 bike-friendly all the way through between Azusa and Angeles Crest? It looks paved but in dire need of maintenance in satellite photos. If it's passable, they could go up Angeles Crest and down 39 and that gets them above 100 miles.

Lesper4 11-05-13 05:12 PM

Hamster has a point, they did that back in 2012, I was there. Good crowd but nothing at all like the Baldy stages (on a weekend). Maybe that is why they resurfaced Hwy 2?

furiousferret 11-05-13 05:59 PM

I may have to check it out; is there a decent route through San Bernardino / Fontana / Devore to Wrightwood other than getting on the 15?

nesdog 11-05-13 09:05 PM

The last day in Thousand Oaks will probably be a circuit of some sort, since the stage starts and finishes here. Last time they did that it was 4 laps up Rock Store and around to Westlake.

sdgrannygear 11-05-13 09:55 PM

Not confirmed yet, but the Pasadena finish may end with a few circuits through downtown pasadena. Hope they make this happen.

TrojanHorse 11-05-13 10:15 PM

Last time they finished in Pasadena they rode around the Rose Bowl 5 times - which is great for us spectators.

hamster 02-20-14 02:27 PM

Routes are out.

Santa Clarita to Mountain High: Bouquet Canyon Road, Elizabeth Lake Road / Palmdale Blvd, then up Big Pines Highway.
Santa Clarita to Pasadena: Soledad Canyon Road, Aliso Canyon Road, Angeles Forest Highway, and 3 laps in downtown Pasadena.
Thousand Oaks: 4 laps up Rock Store Climb.

Lesper4 02-20-14 03:12 PM

Yeah! I watched the live streaming. Probably going to skip out work on Friday to go ride up and watch from the summit at Mt High. Not sure about the other days, Heartbreak hundred is that Saturday.

Lesper4 04-30-14 04:08 PM

Anyone interested in riding from Cajon Junction to the first summit/turn-out on Hwy 2 and then back to Mt High to watch the race on Friday? It would be about 35 miles and 4200 ft. One could always just stop at Mt High and save 1000ft if they are tired. There should be food and drinks at the summit with a big screen to watch the race.

nesdog 04-30-14 04:41 PM

I hear that Stage 8 is starting really early to accommodate national television. Last time they did this circuit, the start was about noon. This time it's about 8:30.

I'll ride up Rock Store about 7:30 to snag a viewing place.

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