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Elvo 11-07-13 04:06 PM

Death in Newport Beach (San Joaquin Hills Road) on 11/6

Apparently the rider was turning left onto San Joaquin from Margarite. The Jax Bike Shop group that I ride with occasionally climbs San Joaquin around that time. Prayers to all that are involved.

Jed19 11-07-13 04:13 PM

Not again!

So sad to read this. My condolences to Paul Lin's family and friends.

TJClay 11-07-13 07:16 PM

I've ridden with Paul a couple times in the same meetup group he was with Wednesday night. I don't know him very well but still very tragic news. His gf was with him at the time it happened.

Garfield Cat 11-08-13 06:43 AM

Does the City of Newport Beach allow the white bike symbolic gesture on the sidewalk area?

Will there be a dedication ride for Lin and family & friends?

Any word on funeral arrangements, public or very private?

Garfield Cat 11-10-13 10:12 AM

So far the only thing I see online is that the police are looking for information on the driver of a Ford SUV grey.

TJClay 11-10-13 10:32 AM

The driver didn't flee the scene. All I know is he wasn't cited. He was riding with a meetup group called Roberts Cycling Adventures. They will be doing a memorial ride next Sunday.

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