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Garfield Cat 11-17-13 09:26 PM

Black Star Canyon Paul Valdez
Does anyone know who Paul Valdez is? Santiago Canyon Road at the Silverado turnoff, and then to Black Star Canyon. Mountain bikers reach a point about 5.65 miles from the trail head.

There's a memorial there. A Cross with his name inscribed with date of birth and date of death.

Rumpled 11-17-13 10:57 PM

I've wondered myself. Can't remember the year, but it might have been when it was still a private ranch.

Garfield Cat 11-17-13 11:18 PM

It says 12-7-1964 and 7-19-2000

That would make him 35 years and 5 months old.

Pamestique 11-18-13 10:15 AM

Just one of those cool mysteries about Blackstar... probably better not to know...

bikeme 11-19-13 08:58 PM

Maybe killed by Blackstar Bill?

Garfield Cat 11-21-13 07:44 AM

I made a few telephone calls. The closest community to Black Star is Silverado. The oldest public people there are in the Public Library. They do not know of any such incident or that name in particular. They suggested that I might try the first responders, fire department or forest agency.

Could it be that the memorial known to many mountain bike riders is nothing but a sign post so that nobody will try to tear it down?

Pamestique 11-21-13 10:26 AM


Originally Posted by Garfield Cat (Post 16265261)

Could it be that the memorial known to many mountain bike riders is nothing but a sign post so that nobody will try to tear it down?

Let me try and make some inquiries with OC Parks/IRC and see if someone knows... That is the old Ranch and I have always assumed Paul Valdez was a family member. It does look like a real gravesite but I've always wondered, since clearly the ranch has not been operational for many years, why this guy is buired there...

But why tear it down... it's something of interest...

Garfield Cat 11-21-13 02:15 PM

I looked at historical weather for July 19 2000. Temps in Downtown Los Angeles reached just below 90. That would mean Black Star might be way over 90 on that day. That site is not particularly a tree lined forest area...plenty of sunshine and thus heat.

StickBiker 11-21-13 10:40 PM

I did a little searching, and, check this grave in Escondido out:

And there is a Pete Valdez in Escondido of the approximate right age who is related to a Paul Valdez, and who used to live in Corona on Temescal Canyon Rd, Corona, CA 92883.

Garfield Cat 11-22-13 07:25 AM

According to tombstone, Paul had a twin brother Pete.

furiousferret 11-22-13 09:56 AM

You guys are digging up secrets that were meant to stay buried! Unless you want a matching plot I suggest you mind your own business!

(just trying to be the antagonist in the story and add more drama to the suspense)

Garfield Cat 11-23-13 08:09 AM

Let's see if I can contact Pete and ask him what happened and the story behind that memorial that practically all mountain bike riders use.

Garfield Cat 12-04-13 07:05 AM

I called the cemetery which is run by the County of San Diego. I asked the Lady about Paul Valdez. She could not find the name under "Paul" but did find it under "Pablo" with the same date of death as on the head stone of Lydia Valdez. He is buried somewhere else in the same cemetery.

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