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rdtompki 12-17-13 07:44 AM

GMR - weekend or weekday?
From the countless threads on GMR it doesn't appear as though there is much traffic regardless. I assume no one commutes on GMR;) Any preference as to weekend or weekday? I've driven to SoCal many times so I understand the traffic situation; any sort of early start should produce a finish in time to drive back up north that afternoon.

I have four climbs on my bucket list: Mt. Hamilton, Mt. Tam, Mt. Diablo and GMR; I'm determined to get them done in 2014. I figure if I do venture down to do the much-publicized GMR I'll have legitimized my posting in the SoCal sub-forum.

[email protected] 12-17-13 09:32 AM

Any time for GMR to GRR to Mt. Baldy Village seems to be fine. The only real danger are the street racers driving their "tuner cars" at speeds that exceed their talent. The police in the area try to keep it to a minimum but there's only so much they can do.

These guys are up there a lot at night, not so much in the morning hours when most cyclists ride GMR/GRR. Now motorcycles are a different story. Overall, the motorcycle riders are very good and give cyclists plenty of room. Sure, there's an occasional exception whether by attitude or lack of talent but 99.5% of the time, no problem.

Bucket List wise, I've climbed GMR/GRR many, many times. Mt. Tam only twice, both on the Mt. Tam Double Century. Hamilton and Diablo are still on my list but I hope to take care of that on the Devil Mountain Double this year.

Rick / OCRR

Lesper4 12-17-13 01:40 PM

GMR doesn't sound like a bucket list climb unless you plan on going to the ski lifts? I would think Palomar, Crystal lake, Onyx summit and the Palm Springs Tram road would be more challenging. But to his is own. AS fro traffic I would just try to ride the mountain in the early mornings and avoid night time.

bitingduck 12-17-13 09:26 PM

The best time to climb GMR/GRR to Baldy Village is the 4th of July or thereabouts. The road is usually closed to motor traffic for several days around the 4th, and it's a beautiful night ride. If you ride up at or just after dusk, you can get to the village while the lodge is still serving food, then ride down in the dark. If it's a full moon you can get by without lights if you take it easy.

eyemage 12-18-13 06:00 AM

Weekdays are quiet and almost no traffic in the mornings. Weekends are lots of cyclists, motorcyclists, cars, skateboarders, etc. If you want quiet, go weekday mornings. If you like to meet and talk to other riders, weekends are the best. Roadies seem to be much more sociable on GMR than on the flatter city streets. It must be the mountains.

[email protected] 12-18-13 09:55 AM


Originally Posted by [B
eyemage[/B];16339369] Roadies seem to be much more sociable on GMR than on the flatter city streets. It must be the mountains.

Very True eyemage!

Not sure why this is but it is definitely the case. A much more positive vibe from all the riders on GMR, GRR, AC, Hwy 39, Hwy 38 climb to Onyx, etc. Yep, must be the mountains!

Rick / OCRR

Lesper4 12-18-13 11:50 AM

That is because we are all suffering together!

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