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furiousferret 12-18-13 11:56 AM

2014 Ontario Criterium Registration
Does anyone know if you have to preregister to make it into the Ontario Crits or are spots still open on race day? I'll probably be racing as a Cat 5...

jsigone 12-18-13 02:00 PM

cat 5 will likely sell out and have a stand by list but seems they upped the limit to 75, so who knows

furiousferret 12-18-13 03:28 PM

Registered for all the morning Cat 5's, there are 2 others I'm eligible for later in the day but will probably only register for those if there are openings that day. Its hard to compete with a 7am start time in a place where it gets in the 100's.

mkadam68 12-18-13 11:09 PM

Yeah, generally the lower cats sell out. 5s almost always, and 4s sometimes. Once you get into the 1-3's, you can usually do day-of. Of course, if it's a big race, like Manhattan Beach or Dana Point, you'll definitely want to pre-reg cause most of the fields will sell out for those races.

Lesper4 12-19-13 10:33 AM

Going to have to come check this one out, never been. I have only se crits on youtube.

nosignature 12-19-13 02:37 PM

Reg is open already? Cool, this will be my first cat 4 race. I was top 5 in all but two of my cat 5 races...we'll see how well I manage outside of crash 5.

jsigone 12-19-13 06:11 PM

IMO 4's isn't much safer, just 125-150 field limits and 80% of those just came from cat 5.

The 30+ 4/5 is smoother for sure and NO jr racers which is awesome.

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