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mxs 12-30-13 03:16 PM

Polishing services in/around LA
Does anyone know of any shops or individuals that offer polishing services for bike parts in/around LA, preferably SFV? I have some older parts that I want to strip of their anodizing and high polish. Thanks for the help in advance.

skidder 12-31-13 10:29 AM

Try googling "Metal polishers in the San Fernando Valley". There are a lot of them where I live in Orange County, so there should be quite a few in the SF Valley, too. You can also ask at any auto restoration shops in your area; those guys always need to do extensive polishing on old parts. Whatever shops you find you'll probably have to bring your pieces in to get a quote, which will also allow you to see a few polished parts to get an idea of their capabilities. Most polished parts I've seen are big (wheels, manifolds, grills, etc) in comparison to bicycle parts, so don't be surprised if shops won't take your stuff.

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