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Lesper4 05-14-14 04:28 PM

Crazy day on the mountain last Sunday. It was the windiest it has even been up on GRR during a ride, felt more like a winter storm. Usually it is windy down in the valley/foothills but not that bad in the mountains.

Coming up Little GMR three other riders started behind me, one beat me to the top but just a few seconds but the second guy was actually blown off his bike, all the way across the turn and then he had to unclip in the dirt. Crazy winds from all directions. Some times it actually blew me up hill with out pedaling. One I was on the ridge the wind continued, not as strong a head wind or tail wind but more of a cross winds and it caused all kinds of small to large rock debris to fall on the road. The mountain roads were closed from East Fork to GMR to Baldy so it was just us cyclists.

Crazy thing is the wind dried all my sweat so I never got hot. Going to Icehouse Canyon was some what pleasant but I had a small headwind. The switchbacks were also not to bad if that makes sense. But as soon as I got over the switch backs the wind was howling in the trees. Sounded like some branches may snap? and the Headwind was ridiculous and COLD. I only ride this route about once a year and even with the headwinds I got PR's Going to have to ride this again to see what kind of real number is can get.

At the top I got a soda and some ships and warmed up in the sun. On the way down I was actually shaving with chattering teeth. By the village I was warmer. The descent was much smoother then in the past even with a chip seal. All the expansion joints were smoothed out.
Bike Ride Profile | 5/11/14 Mt Baldy (ski lifts) Century near Rancho Cucamonga | Times and Records | Strava

This week I am riding up to Wrightwood form Cajon Pass to watch the pros and the following week I am going to Wrightwood form Encanto/39. And then after that is ESD, lets all pray for good weather (knock on wood).

bitingduck 05-15-14 12:52 PM

I'm signed up for the Heartbreak Double on Saturday and was thinking to ride to Palmdale from Mountain High after watching the race finish. Anyone ridden down to Palmdale from Mtn High? How are the roads?

Lesper4 05-15-14 04:49 PM

I couldn't help you there?

hamster 05-15-14 06:06 PM

Isn't that the race route, just in reverse? If it's good for Tour of California, it's probably good for you too.

I would advise against 138 though, there's too much high-speed traffic.

Lesper4 05-16-14 11:52 PM

OK so I rode up Lone Pine Canyon and road down 138. 138 does have a lot of traffic and big truck traffic too and it had a head wind. Also combined with the wind and trucks and rate of speed they move you alot. Lone Pine has more traffic then I would have though but not bad. The road is better on 138 but be careful there are some LARGE drainage grates that are not bike friendly.

Lesper4 05-25-14 07:12 PM

Another fun day in the mountains. Heading up to Bishop Friday afternoon for the ESD.
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hamster 05-25-14 10:52 PM

I'm out of ESD. My training has been erratic and generally a failure, I'm nowhere near the shape I hoped to be, and it's not worth the risk. I haven't paid for the hotel so I'm going to cutt it early and I'll only lose the event fee.

Lesper4 05-27-14 10:11 AM

bummer, I think next year I might volunteer instead since it falls on my anniversary.

hamster 06-01-14 10:12 AM

Changed my mind at the last moment and did ESD anyway. My fastest double so far - 13:47. Knocked almost 3 hours off last year's time. Loren finished in 13:33. He's a little faster on hills and quite a bit faster on flats (paceline?), but he slacks off at rest stops too much. First time I see tailwind from Benton to Bishop.

Lesper4 06-01-14 03:52 PM

Lol, yeah we took a lot of pictures in the June Lake area and were riding with a big group through there for their first time. We had a little paceline on 395 and into Bishop (just 4 riders) but for a guy like me that just means it hurts sooner, our strong rider was smaller too so that only helped out so much. Out of Benton we went from 22..28..33..38..42 and then we were like what are we trying to do?! So we smartly backed it off. I had a great day until about 15 miles from the finish where I was cooked. That is why I got a top ten. Not as fast a the grand tour but darn close and up higher.
Bike Ride Profile | Eastern Sierra Double near Bishop | Times and Records | Strava

hamster 06-01-14 09:35 PM

Out of Benton there's a downhill and we had a pretty good tailwind. I hit 39 there just coasting on aero bars. I'm apparently not too aerodynamic and not too overweight so I have to go on aero bars to match taller guys on downhills. I even tested this at one point - on the way down from June Lake I was next to a tall guy on an endurance road bike (I forget the model) with thin rims and dual disk brakes, I was rolling away from him when I was coasting on bars and he was on hoods, but he was going visibly faster then me if we were both on hoods.

Looking at power/work figures, I almost matched my work from the first 13:47 of Mulholland Double (5636 kJ vs 5666 kJ), though on Mulholland I still had some reserves and here I was pretty much exhausted. By comparison, during the first 13:47 of last year's ESD, I only managed 4353 kJ (I think I screwed up carb loading and I was seriously bonking).

I really need to ride more. With my recent record, I can maintain power & energy reserves, but I lose overall endurance. Half the muscles in my body hurt. Even my abs hurt (no idea why). At least my feet don't hurt, $200 shoes seem to work OK.

Lesper4 06-16-14 07:27 AM

Hamster if you treid a 300k? brevet why not try the LL triple? Last year the HL double was my fastest double.

hamster 06-16-14 09:48 AM

300k is only 187 miles. 300 miles will take forever, even if it's lowland. 18 hours +, I think?

Lesper4 06-16-14 01:00 PM

Yeah there are a few of us doing it and I know some more who might join in. the more help the better on that.

Lesper4 06-23-14 11:25 AM

Grand Tour is next weekend (100, 200, 300, 400). I will be riding the 300 starting at around 3:30am. Wish me luck, this will be my farthest ride (Eat, Drink, Ride Repeat).

Lesper4 06-23-14 02:18 PM

So having never done a 300, can I do a bag drop for dinner or will they have stuff or will I not even be hungry? Also I imagine that most equipment will not power that long so I should bring a USB battery for my Garmin and keep my phone on airplane mode so I can use it if need and the battery should be full. Also bring two lights. I imagine the ride will be chilly at 3:30am and once the sun goes down it will be chilly again. Any other recommendations?

Lesper4 06-30-14 01:50 PM

Well I finished the Triple! Bike Ride Profile | Grand Tour Triple Century LL near Malibu | Times and Records | Strava
It felt like a really long double and the last 25 miles were definitely the hardest not only because we had a small headwind but My stomach through the day was going through periods of bloating and feeling good. I think my stomach was actually sore on Sunday from it.

We left at 3:40am and were 30 mins early at the first rest stop (they still checked us in and topped our water off). Our lights were off by then. The rest of the day we were not ahead on the stops. We have a few extra miles, we missed the lunch turn off. I also over shot the Gaviota stop. and then we got lost by a block or so about 3 different times in the Santa Barbara area. Support was great and I ate mostly fruit at the stops. I also had some sodas, soup sweets etc. I am not sure I ever saw a SAG vehicle all day?

We turned our lights back on when we left Rincon going home. I had brought two lights and found out then the my helmet light was not working so I had to rely on others for the route sheet directions. The route was some what good but compared to all the rides I have done in that area there were changes I am surprised them made (some good and some bad). Not that I want to do another 300 but if I do I will get an extra battery for my main light so I can use it on high instead of medium. I carried lots of food and ate lots of it but still had some extra at the end. Arm warmers and a vest were great once the sun went down (so did our pace).

I was convinced to do this ride with two of my friends of which both backed out so the two people they convinced (Q Nugyen) had to ride together. Q did awesome for not putting in very many miles. I did most of the pulling but he did give me a few breaks. I think the HL 300 might be easier because it gives your legs more breaks on the down hills but I won't be finding out anytime soon. I prefer the mountains so next year the only thing on my calendar is: Southern Sierra Double and Alta Alpina, I would like to volunteer ESD but I have to clear that with my wife first.

Up Next is Backpacking for July and August and then I am back at it with the Mammoth Century, WMD, and finally Tour de Foothills. I was looking at the Grizzly Century and Powerhouse Double but maybe I will save those for next year.

nesdog 06-30-14 02:07 PM

Wow..congrats! I haven't ridden 300 miles in the month this year! As a one day event, that's amazing.

hamster 07-02-14 05:35 PM


Originally Posted by Lesper4 (Post 16895826)
I prefer the mountains so next year the only thing on my calendar is: Southern Sierra Double and Alta Alpina, I would like to volunteer ESD but I have to clear that with my wife first.

Up Next is Backpacking for July and August and then I am back at it with the Mammoth Century, WMD, and finally Tour de Foothills. I was looking at the Grizzly Century and Powerhouse Double but maybe I will save those for next year.

The way you're progressing, next year you'll be signing up for the 508.

Lesper4 07-02-14 05:55 PM

LOL, yeah natural progression I guess. The 508 is too expensive although, I would like to ride it as a 2 or 4 man team but still pricy! And now the 508 is soo far away. No need to ride the 308 with the Grand Tour so close.

hamster 07-02-14 08:36 PM

Totally agree. With the 508 being out of state this year (NV), might as well do Hoodoo 500 instead, it's quite a bit cheaper. If doing doubles gets too easy, you can try doing White Mountain Double Double (you can ride it twice on Saturday and Sunday) and look into brevets. You need to complete a 600 km brevet to qualify for the 508 anyway (there are other qualification options but they all seem to be harder and/or more expensive).

Lesper4 07-03-14 07:51 AM

From all the discussions I have had I don't think I would like a brevet. Everyone seems to be talking about Paris Breast Paris this year and I don't see myself going over sees to ride either.

anotherbrian 07-04-14 03:54 PM

Any news/rumors on a fall Death Valley Double? I got an email from adventurecorps last month that said it might happen in November, but I saw no mention of it on the website (still the old content from pre-spring). I haven't ridden the banana since last fall's ride (though I've been on my road bike and MTB), and am definitely slower and fatter than I was at the end of last season ... I want to better last years time though so really need to step up my riding.

A few friends are talking about doing Mt. Tam this year. I've ridden it the last two years and suspect I'm going to sign up again ... after today the registration fee goes up another few bucks. It won't be the easiest first double for my year, but I should be able to get two more in before the end of the year, so shouldn't disappear off the CTC website. :)

Lesper4 07-05-14 05:52 PM

I think I read that the NPS is supposed to have some kind of report finished this month to identity if they will let events progress, So i would give it this month and if nothing I bet it wont happen this year? Mt Tam is a little far for me and does not fit in my schedule. it is the Last Stage race I think?

Lesper4 09-05-14 11:19 AM

Well I am heading up to Mammoth today for their century tomorrow (getting some high altitude training). Last week I road to Onyx Summit in Big Bear from both sides. Then, finally, in a week is the White Mountain Double Century. The ride that eluded me last year. A year ago Saturday I was hit by a car, this year I am stronger then ever. Cant wait to get to join the Thousand mile club!
Already thinking about next years doubles, and I though I would be done after this. Maybe even the stage race in two years when it is more local again.

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