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lesiz 05-05-14 12:43 PM

California By Bike 2014 “Surf ‘N Turf” Tour
This looks like a great tour, potential for a really good time for a cyclist. I'd do it if I could schedule it in.

I noticed a curious choice they made. I checked the route in the environs of my stomping grounds, and starting in Redondo the route leaves the coast to travel through urban and industrial areas, to rejoin the coast in Long Beach. I presume they are doing this to avoid the incredibly beautiful PV coast line for the sake of cyclists who couldn't take the ~1000 feet of climbing in the ~15 miles of PV Drive West.

I realize there are all manner of cyclists doing a ride such as this, but for my preferences I would have chosen the PV route over deep urban & industrial.

TrojanHorse 05-05-14 02:41 PM

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to take 5 days to do it either. Santa Barbara to San Diego? $2,150? Yikes.

They're riding them up Torrey Pines, I'm not sure why PV would be any more of a challenge and I agree - I'd rather go through PV. :)

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