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RIRview 05-13-14 10:35 AM

Beat the heat! Got in a nice ride starting at 0530 this morning.
I woke up at 0500, wide awake. I knew that after work it would be so hot and windy that I wouldn't be motivated to ride, so since I was awake already...why not?

Rode for an hour, got home at 0630, with enough time to relax with my post-ride espresso. Only 16 miles, which is shorter than I would like, but I made up for it by hitting it hard most of the way. (I figure that if I want to the gym and rode a spin bike, I'd do an hour, so it was an equivalent workout).

It was nice that there was very little traffic on the streets at that hour, and saw a surprisingly large number of cyclists who apparently had the same idea as me.

fastcarbon 05-13-14 12:11 PM

I guess I will have to try the real early start if I expect to get the miles in this week. Usually start time is 9 AM as I hate riding with all the traffic and drivers that are late for work and high school drivers I don't trust. Yesterday I did my usual 2 1/2 hour ride in inland Orange County that took 4 hours, consumed both 24 oz. bottles and drank about a gallon of liquid in the 2 hours after the ride.

Dunbar 05-13-14 12:53 PM

I don't see myself doing 20' intervals up a hill later today when it's 90 degrees out - near the beach! It's too windy to do them along the coast. Oh well, at least it's supposed to cool off by the weekend.

mwandaw 05-13-14 09:57 PM

5:30 is way too early for me, but I was out for a fast 10 miles at 7:30. I rode along the SGRT, lapped both parts of El Dorado Park, and then went back home on the SGRT. The weather was very nice, and the ride was even better!

I saw a lot of runners, walkers, bikers and even some wildlife. Everyone seemed to have the same idea as me and RIRview.

Tomorrow is calisthenics day... groan! Hopefully I can get out early on the bike the day after tomorrow.

TrojanHorse 05-13-14 11:13 PM

The river trails around here are awesome before 6 am... One of the things I really enjoy about riding my bike is the peace and solitude (even in traffic!) but before sunrise, it's sublime. Too bad I hate getting up that early. Last time I rode up SGRT to GMR, I rode through what I thought was a group of dogs at 5:30 am. Turned out to be coyotes. 4 of them on the path, just looking at me as I blasted through, inches away. I'm sure they were more interested in the 100 rabbits I saw earlier.

I do love pre-dawn cycling though. I just hate getting up. :)

mwandaw 05-14-14 08:14 AM


Originally Posted by TrojanHorse (Post 16756973)
...I do love pre-dawn cycling though. I just hate getting up. :)


RIRview 05-14-14 10:06 AM

When I ride on workdays, I usually go after work. With the usual weather pattern it's very pleasant (I live right by the ocean). However, when we get these heat waves, it's still in the 90's at 4:30, and just too damn hot; hence my early morning jaunts.

jimxyz 05-14-14 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by mwandaw (Post 16757614)

+1 as well
We doing regular rides at 5:30 for weeks and finally snapped from lack of sleep. But with this heatwave I may have to start getting up early (and charging up my lights) again

[email protected] 05-14-14 11:28 AM

I ride to work and usually hit the road about 5:15AM. Still lots of traffic on my way to work (Leffingwell, Camenita, Rosecrans), even semi trucks out that early, but still a nice ride; even getting quite light by the time the Green Line Metro takes me from Norwalk station to Los Angeles.

Rick / OCRR

Dunbar 05-15-14 04:40 PM

Even though is saying it's 90+ out it has been really nice along the beach - 75-80 degrees. Definitely warmer than I'm used to. I've been drinking Gatorade when I get home which I rarely have to do.

Pamestique 05-15-14 04:42 PM

You guys are all wusses... I have been riding each night at 5:30 PM in 100+ degree temps... hate it but have no choice. Thursday night ride group is meeting tonight... we are all crazy!

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