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SKV11000 05-26-14 07:06 PM

Let's get the terminology correct. These are 'longboarders' not skateboarders. It's like calling a hotdog a bratwurst (with Memorial day weekend in mind).

With that out of the way, I vote 'yes'. Grill 'em.

vertical bob 05-26-14 08:26 PM

The Lost Hills Sheriff station on Agoura Rd. has the juristisction in that area. Report this to save lives. I see this behavior all the time on Mtn. roads. Often with a parent in the follow car. Very dangerous and very illegal.

Biker395 05-28-14 03:00 PM


Originally Posted by CbadRider (Post 16788827)
Please report it. Even if the police don't act on your report they will have it on record if something happens in the future. The doctor who was convicted of slamming on his brakes in front of cyclists had evidence of previous reports of similar behavior used against him.


I was just going to say the same thing. You should absolutely report them.

It may help. It may not. But if someone is killed by those idiots, you'd be sorry if you didn't.

PhotoJoe 05-30-14 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by lesiz (Post 16779280)
So waddaya think? Am I a rat for wanting to rat on these guys?

So, what did you decide to do?

modelmartin 05-30-14 09:48 AM

I would have dialed 911 and said, "I thought I saw a ***!"

*** ?!?! Seriously! How about a "device that fires lead projectiles"?

lesiz 05-30-14 06:07 PM

I have been waiting for a response from the LACo Sheriff. No response.

So, yes I did report it, by email, but got no response.

Occasionally I see sheriff's units in the area, so next time I see one I'll flag him/her down and get a take on this situation. Nothing like getting opinion from the front lines.
Thanks for the replies. The community has spoken, which is what I was looking for.

Astrozombie 05-30-14 07:02 PM

Rat!! The next person that doesn't get buzzed or killed will thank you!! Who knows what other delinquent behaviors they enable in those youngsters. The not being a rat thing is something the thugs came up with to play your "honor" against you and not get themselves busted! Only time you don't rat is if it would be easy for a maniac to retaliate and you don't know if you could defend yourself

It's a road not a freakin playground.

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