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csukrystle 05-29-14 10:10 PM

Good after work 30ish mile rides
Hey everyone. I just moved to the Santa Monica area and am looking for some good rides that I can do in 2 hours or so. I was spoiled on the Colorado front range where I moved from with many options with little traffic/stop lights. I was hoping to find a few in this area that I can do during the week after work. How is riding north on the PCH for an out and back?

Pamestique 05-30-14 10:19 AM

I no longer live in the LA area so hopefully someone up there will tune in... PCH is heavily congested north from Santa Monica and in many places there is no bike lane. If you are used to that, especially duringthe week when travel is at its peak... then try it.

From Santa Monica, there is the Strand down to Rat Beach, Torrance. I used to live in El Segundo and my after work ride was from El Segundo to Santa Monica on the Strand. There are a few spots where you have to be on road (through Playa Del Rey) but generally its all bike trail and during the week, light travel although you will have to watch out for pedestrians.

If you don't mind some driving, you can drive down to Torrance and park at Rat Beach and then do the Palos Verdes Loop ride. Also if you drive north, past Santa Monica to Camarillo and Ventura, lots of beautiful "country" riding out there.

Will be interesting to see what others write...

Dunbar 05-31-14 12:56 AM

I live in Santa Monica. The perfect 2 hour ride IMO is to go south and pick up the beach trail in Playa Del Ray and take it down to Manhattan Beach and back. I avoid the beach trail though Santa Monica and Venice Beach because it's crowded and slow. Depending on where you live (north/south) you can go all the way to the Redondo Beach Pier to get in 30 miles.

I've never done PCH. It seems too dangerous to do solo. Especially during the weekday rush hour traffic.

Elvo 05-31-14 08:33 PM


Dunbar 05-31-14 11:13 PM


Originally Posted by Elvo (Post 16809770)

You couldn't get me on a cheerleader that early.

jimxyz 06-04-14 03:29 PM

I only ride out that way on the weekends, so not 100% on traffic, but in general PCH north of SM is scary. However, turn up Old Tajunga or one of the canyon roads and you will quickly find some excellent climbs and canyons to cruise around in.

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