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okcdirtbag 09-16-06 04:54 PM

booze n cruise, oklahoma city
for anyone who has nothing to do on a friday night (every friday night) we meet at the red rooster on 31st and shartel just n.e. of the paseo district and do a bar crawl on bicycles every friday.. anyone is welcome to join us!

Jamtastic 09-27-06 03:48 PM

do you get any of the normanites from buchanon's joining you guys?

okcdirtbag 09-27-06 04:22 PM

only normanite we usually have is jim eldridge, but ya wanna come on out your always welcome it's a party this weekend at my house so no booze cruise this (29th)friday but next (06th)friday we're back to riding!

plzbfree 10-11-06 11:01 AM

What a super cool idea--a pedal crawl! Beware, though, if you're on a military base. I remember when I was a U.S.Marine, an incident when a Master Sergeant who was on a bike and returning from festivities at an NCO club, got stopped by the MPs, was arrested for DUI, and susequently fined lots of $$. go figure! :rolleyes:

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