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royta 05-25-12 10:07 PM

Las Vegas - Memorial Weekend
My wife, kids, and I will be staying on the Las Vegas strip this Saturday and Sunday nights. This trip is a last minute idea of my wife's and obviously gets in the way of my Saturday and Monday riding plans. So, I'm toying with the idea of bringing my road bike for an early Sunday morning ride. Are there any groups to ride with who don't mind an outsider?

On 30 to 50 mile rides, I can average 21 MPH on rolling terrain when riding solo. I'm 39 and training for my second LOTOJA and hate to miss ride days.

Namida12 05-27-12 12:51 PM


I did not see your post until today - quarter to Twelve. I will ride this route early Monday morning, and I will leave the park @ 5:15 AM. Do not know where you are staying, but the Tropicana Bus has a stop near Paradise Park. I always leave the park from the tennis courts - (Harrison Drive side). You are a faster rider than me, but this is a decent ride, without much elevation or traffic to worry about...

Namida12 05-28-12 04:47 PM


Sorry I missed your post early enough. The ride this morning was quite easy, and it was fun seeing many other people out early this morning...


royta 05-29-12 11:11 AM

I had a nice ride Sunday morning. Started in front of Dunkin Donuts at Charleston and Desert Foothills. Nice warm up to the park entrance. Did some stretching at the entrance and then paid my $3. It's a nice climb. The steepest grade I saw on my Edge was 8%, but there could have been some steeper pitches...I wasn't staring at the entire climb. Nothing real noteworthy though. I guess I no longer consider grades like that to be steep, I find them normal. That's a part of everyday riding where I live in Utah. Anyway, I took a right at the highway rolled through Blue Diamond, though I didn't check out the Oasis. I then went to the 159/160 intersection and turned around. I stopped several times for pictures. It was a good ride and definitely put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Daspydyr 05-29-12 04:50 PM

that is a great ride that you took. I was the opposite direction, i was in Bountiful from Henderson, NV. I had hoped to ride a couple of Bountiful single tracks, but the rain kept me inside until we were heading back on Monday. Sorry I didn't catch your post either, but you hooked up a real nice riding area.

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