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Namida12 10-31-12 11:08 PM

Ride 2 Recovery's Las Vegas Honor Ride - November 10 - 2012
Ride 2 Recovery's Las Vegas Honor Ride...

Date: 11/10/2012 - Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST
Event Location: Mandalay Bay Resort - South parking lot

The Honor Ride Las Vegas, in direct support of Ride 2 Recovery, benefits injured
veterans' physical and mental rehabilitation programs which feature cycling as
the core activity.

See more at other posted link -


Daspydyr 11-05-12 11:28 AM

I have tried to register, but it keeps wanting me to join a team. I have tried to just choose a team and then it wants a team password. seems more interested in selling me merchandise than getting me registered.

There is also a benefit ride for one of the wrenches at Aspen Creek. He has some unique medical condition. He spent a week at Mayo in Scottsdale. The ride is Nov. 17 out at River Mountain loop.

Hope to catch up to you at one or the other.

Namida12 11-05-12 02:05 PM

I decided not to do the Ride 2 Recovery's Las Vegas Honor Ride. Thanks for the suggestion, you told me about, much earlier than my announcement I ride the RTC - (River Mountain Loop) almost every Friday trying to improve my climbing ability. Two weeks ago, they were resurfacing the road, and I found the loose gravel on the tar to be a bit of a challenge, and I moved onto the trail at the Iron Bridge Railing and eneded up doing 39 miles. We park at Jokers Wild and start the ride about 5:30 AM, do not know what difference the time change will do for this early morning ride, as I was enjoying viewing the Sun Rise.

Link for guide


Daspydyr 11-05-12 07:15 PM

Friday at 5:30 sounds like a good time to get going. Should be 30 minutes ahead of the sun. What pace do you take? Are you open to new riders?

Namida12 11-25-12 09:44 PM

Always have room for another rider...


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