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Namida12 03-27-13 07:02 PM

2013 Seattle to Portland ride in July - Any local Vegas Valley riders going?
There were two of us last year, and we look forward to the event this year. I have already been doing 90 miles a week to be better prepared for this year.
My 2012 map link: I can not load a 2013 map apparently in format that does not work for me.

Not much elevation in the STP last year: the four hills I remember, one as we leave the lake area, the dreaded hill (43 miles into the ride) is nothing compared to Boulder Dam to Boulder City, or Red Rock Loop, then the Napier hill @ 110 miles, and then the final hill is the bridge between Washington and Oregon.

Last week I road from District to Jean, and following day District to Equestrian & Foothills RML trail not much for lot of experienced riders, but 43+ miles back to back is a decent amount of mileage for me at this stage of training for the event.

This Friday the 29th of March - 160 & Charleston intersection a backwards Red Rock Canyon ride to West Career & Technical Academy (11945 W. Charleston Blvd) and return to the gas stand @ 160 & Charleston.

Then on Saturday another ride for back to back ride training...

Hope there are other Vegas Valley riders in this large and well supported July event. Weather is much cooler that here. Would like to ride off from the start line together if that can be arranged in Seattle...


Namida12 05-27-13 03:51 PM

Have been in the pedals 845 km this month or 525.059 miles for month of May and have a few more days to add to this total. Still training for this wonderful July event, and looking for a few more Vegas Riders. Staying in the University Dorm, will try to start early...


degonias 05-27-13 07:52 PM

Here Is last years STP video if anyone is interested.

Namida12 06-03-13 01:03 PM

40 more days, and a few of us are meeting in Seattle, to ride in the cool temperatures of the Northwest.

All you Vegas guys, keep enjoy your early morning rides, I will be riding all day long not worried about the 110 degree heat. Was amazing last year it was 117 the day before I left for Portland to assemble my bicycle for the STP event. Went for a ride in Beaverton to check out my assembly, and got lost 15 miles into a 20 mile ride. All the streets country streets looked the same, Green with lots of trees.

Just back from a 45 mile ride, and the 97 temp was getting to me, 15 mile per hour wind was nice, sun was far to hot on my back.


Namida12 07-29-13 10:11 AM

For all you Vegas Riders that did not make it this year, you missed some fabulous bicycle riding weather in the northwest. I certainly enjoyed spending 7 days of Portland, and the two days I was riding from Seattle to Portland in the STP event. Support was amazing, made several friends, latched on and took my rotation turn in a few short pace lines on Saturday and Sunday after feeling comfortable with their riding skills. Stopped to help a few riders experiencing shifting problems, and freed a dragging brake that was frustrating a rider between sponsored stops.

Overnight accommodations were restful, as i did stop in @ the mid point
Centralia and party all night.

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