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Altbrewer 05-22-13 10:19 AM

San Xavier Mission to Green Valley?
Trying to keep up with riding during a road trip next month, I am thinking about having my wife drop me off at the San Xavier Mission and riding down S Mission Rd to meet up with her in Green Valley. On Google Maps streetview it looks pretty desolate. Anybody know how cell phone reception is along that road? How is the traffic?

This would be mid afternoon, so I know it will be hot, but we get hot here in Texas, along with humidity.


Namida12 05-27-13 03:43 PM


I ride S. Mission to Green Valley once or twice a month, but do not know where San Xavier Mission is located in Henderson, NV... Sparse population, cellular phone connection is perfect in that area from Rail Road bike path to Horizon Ridge. Google maps has not been updated to show connection from Rail Road Bike path to S. Mission (35.998268,-114.94856) where I get on Mission from the trail.

Take Mission West to East Horizon Ridge, and ride it all the way to Green Valley Parkway (Just beyond the Golf Course), right turn onto S. Green Valley Parkway to Paseo Verde Parkway. Left turn on Paseo Verde Parkway and Green Valley Ranch Hotel & Casino will be on the right (North West corner passed the Green Valley District Shopping Area (REI, Panera Bread 36.021093,-115.085876)) - or your Green Valley destination.


Altbrewer 05-28-13 03:03 PM

Thanks, but I guess I should have specified Green Valley, AZ - south of Tucson. Since we Texans have out own forum, I forget that others do not.

Namida12 05-29-13 03:48 PM


When you get a chance come have a ride here in Vegas. We always have Red Rock, Valley of Fire, River Mountain loop, and the Hover Dam rides you can enjoy any day of the year...

This September the sixth annual RTC Viva Bike Vegas 2013 Gran Fondo Pinarello, will again take you through the Las Vegas Strip and around the Vegas Valley.


elemtee 06-02-13 08:23 AM

I have not been that far south on the bike yet but know its a commonly ridden route.

Just leaving this link for you, maybe you can draw a little more info from it than you may have now.

Altbrewer 06-04-13 05:57 AM

Thanks for the link. The route descriptions are helpful.

Patrick Lyford 07-24-13 12:08 PM

You should have no problem with cell phone reception there due to its proximity to Tucson. As for weather, it would be hot, but not unbearable. Just bring enough water along.


zonatandem 09-22-13 05:29 PM

Rode that ride many times in the last 3 decades. Good ride.
Don't know about cell reception as we don't use one.

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