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utahp8ntballer 06-25-13 10:04 PM

New to Gilbert. Not sure where to go from here.
I just moved to Gilbert this week. I'm close to Higley and Germann and not really sure which direction to go from here. Actually I'm not sure which is the safest direction to go from here. Seems the bike lanes are considerably smaller than I'm used to in Salt Lake.
Any recommendations from anyone?

locolobo13 06-26-13 07:26 AM

Here's a link to download the county bike map.

Scroll down to the "MAG Regional Bike Map 2013" and you can download the pdf file. I would call the number and request a free hard copy as well.

I'm not familiar with Gilbert so can't give you specific advice on the area.

LarryMelman 06-26-13 08:12 AM

The bike lane map is online here. It's much easier to use this than to fight with the enormous PDF.
MAG | Bikeways Map

You are in a great part of town for cycling. Lots of newly paved and widened major streets (with bike lanes), and you're out on the fringes so traffic is low. Power Ranch also has bike lanes throughout the neighborhood, not that you really need them.

locolobo13 06-26-13 06:25 PM

I think my computer is too old. That map opens but is really slow. For me the pdf is easier. But you're right, the pdf ain't easy either.

I'll try your link again from another machine at work tomorrow.

utahp8ntballer 06-26-13 10:36 PM

This is great guys. I sure appreciate the help.
I went out this morning and one thing I've noticed is that all the roads with bike lanes seem to be on
streets that are 4-6 lanes and 45mph. That's going to take a little getting used to.

scoottay 07-08-13 09:28 PM

I'm at Higley and Chandler Heights. Depends on what you are riding and what length you are looking. Some of the stuff I like to ride are:
-Trails at SanTan regional park
-Riggs to Gilbert and then out to the Rez
-Lindsay to Brown to Power to Usery Pass and back
-Out to the Beeline
-Out to Tortilla Flat (when there aren't a ton of boats out there)

Maybe we can hook up for a ride. PM me if you're interested.

scoottay 07-23-13 11:31 PM

Hey Utah...saw your PM. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I tried to PM you back but apparently I don't have enough posts to correspond with you.

utahp8ntballer 08-03-13 10:14 AM

scootay I just sent you another pm with my # so you can just text me.

SpeshulEd 08-03-13 11:08 AM

You guys in the South Phoenix area should check out South Mountain, the last Sunday of every month, it's closed off to cars and you can ride to the top with a bunch of other cyclist. It's a fun time and good climb.

chevy96d 09-02-13 08:51 PM

Queen creek now has bike lanes to Gilbert.

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