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chikara 06-27-13 03:27 PM

Visiting Prescott/CV 29th-7th - road ride?
I'm visiting Chino Valley and Prescott for a family reunion but am training hard here in Chicago and will bring my CAAD with me to hopefully get some rides in (for sanity's sake).

Where... exactly... do people ride road bikes in the tri-city area? Are the cars generally a problem? I remember seeing cyclists on Outer Loop growing up, but that doesn't seem like the safest place to ride. I'd like to find a nice 20-50 mile bit to ride at least four mornings.

Also, is there any way to ride from Chino to Prescott on 23s? I don't remember the Peavine seeming very road bike friendly.

If anyone goes on or knows of any moderately paced rides happening while I'm in the area, I'd absolutely love to join. Distance is fine, too, I've seen a Skull Valley ride come up in my Googlings.

Thanks for the help, I sure need it.

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