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no1mad 08-21-13 10:10 PM

Oklahoma's first recumbent rally?
Though I've never been able to obtain a recumbent for a variety of reasons (mainly financial and vision loss), when I saw this in my inbox earlier, I figured I'd pass it along. I'm hoping that there is enough interest to make this an annual event... might even be able to attend myself (not holding breath, though).


Dear Recumbent Rider

This is Bob from Oklahoma
Recumbent Road Bikes dba now as
Oklahoma Recumbent Trikes & Bikes

Purpose of this email is to
invite you to our first Recumbent Rally basically a get together of anyone that rides a recumbent. Come meet other bike and trike riders. Come to ride, look at new products you havenít seen.

Come to sell, swap, trade with others.

We will have country rides
of less than 10 miles to a long as 20.
Sag support provided.

We will have recumbent timed
riding events and skilled events.

Lunch will be provided.

We have three motels in Purcell
if you want to come Friday the 20th.
Pizza will be served Friday evening at 7:00.

There will be drawing for gifts
and bent accessories.

The VFW and American Legion are
helping OKRT&B put on the Rally, while we are not charging for this
event any donation to the VFW or
American Legion will be shared between the two groups.

Tell all you friends and
recumbent riders about our rally, yes we will let other bikers join our group.

Please, please let us know if you
are coming (either by email or phone) so
we can be prepared for you.
I intentionally left out the direct email link and phone number. If anyone is interested, you can find that by doing a simple web search for the shop listed at the beginning of the announcement.

iamtheeggman 08-22-13 12:38 PM

I bought a bike from Oklahoma Recumbents a few years ago. Nice guy who loves recumbents who was running a side business from his small town furniture store 30-35 miles or so outside Oklahoma City.

ncbikers 08-22-13 03:05 PM

As this is the same day as the 50+ Forums annual pie ride, you could advertize it as a way to do your pie ride.

It could also be posted on the BROL (Bent Rider On Line) board.

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