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cvskates 10-08-13 12:13 PM

Viva Bike Vegas or Las Vegas Gran Fondo
If anyone has done both of these rides recently please let me know which one you'd recommend - and why.

Viva Bike Vegas - [probably] Sept 20, 2014

Gran Fondo Las Vegas - April 5, 2014

My company insists I map out all of fiscal 2014/15 vacation by the end of the month, so it's time to make some decisions.

If it matters - I'd be coming down from the West coast of Canada.

ArizonaAdam 10-09-13 03:40 PM

I liked Viva this year. Coming from Canada you shoudl be warned that some folks find that September is still too warm for their liking. I haven't done the grand fondo.

cvskates 10-09-13 05:38 PM

Thanks for the response and the warning about the heat. I did notice the routing for the Gran Fondo doesn't include riding down the strip like Viva does - that would be pretty cool.

Daspydyr 10-09-13 09:23 PM

Sept can top out @100 pretty regular. April for sure has breezes. Ask AZ Adam how he liked them breezes this year. As for me, I am somewhat used to the heat, but the wind this year wore me out.

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