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ooga-booga 10-23-13 03:09 AM

scottsdale area century late november...
hi all. coming from so cal in late november just before thanksgiving and looking to do a self-supported mid-week century ride in the scottsdale area.

areas that looks the most intriguing are the hwy 87/88 + hwy 60 and hwy 188 areas in the mountains. have never been to/ridden in the region.

looking to do the most scenic century possible-the best the nearby area has to offer. not really worried about the elevation gain as long as it's < 13,000 ft.

also curious about the road condition of the highways previously mentioned and if they are relatively safe to ride.
don't necessarily need a shoulder but wonder if there are some "trouble" areas.

and yes...i saw this recent thread but it didn't answer the longer ride question i have-

any and all input from the regulars in the area would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance!

SpeshulEd 10-23-13 08:50 AM

I really need to ride on the east side more. It's been awhile since I've driven on those highways and can't really remember the quality. That area over there is very nice and scenic though and would make a decent ride for sure.

kabersch 11-08-13 05:12 PM

Highway 87 (the Beline Highway) has a pretty nice shoulder much of the way to Payson. You could do more than a double century riding to Payson and back.

Highway 88 to Canyon lake is a nice ride with lots of climbing, until the pavement runs out (we call that ride End of Pavement or EOP). From Scottsdale that might be close to 100 miles round trip.

Stay away from US 60. In the metro area it is a freeway, no bikes allowed. Outside the metro area the shoulders aren't any good.

SpeshulEd 11-08-13 06:25 PM

AZ Bike Club is having a supported century Nov 16th...called the McDowell Mountain Century.

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