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gorshkov 11-19-13 12:08 PM

Mountain Biking in the Kiamichis
Hi all - I'm a regular in the touring forum, just getting into mountain biking, primarily of the off-road touring variety. I live in Tulsa, and I was looking for jeep-trail type roads on Google maps, and found what appear to be some pretty good jeep trails in the southeast corner of the state around Nashoba in the Kiamichi mountains. Has anyone done any mountain biking out there? If so, how technical is it, and which trails are the best?

gorshkov 12-01-13 01:29 AM

FWIW, I checked out some 4-wheeler forums, and they said to avoid the area during hunting season; chances are some idiot will mistake you for a deer and shoot at you, no matter what color you wear.

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