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goldfinch 11-30-13 08:32 PM

Tucson RV parks and cycling opportunities
We are thinking of changing our winter destination this year and going to Tucson for January through March. Anyone know anything about the RV parks there? I would like a nicer one but most importantly, one where I can bike easily from the park. It does have to have sites large enough for our 42 foot motorhome and our car. I've looked at these two but I can't evaluate the cycling: Apparently this park is about 12 miles from town, 8701 Kolb Road. It is one of the only parks to even mention bike riding. This is Rincon West , 4555 South Mission Road. It has really good reviews. But no mention of cycling.

Anyone have any suggestions? Or can tell me something about the location of these two parks?

texbiker 11-30-13 09:22 PM

I live in Texas but ran across this group. Maybe they can help you:

goldfinch 12-01-13 06:38 PM


Originally Posted by texbiker (Post 16291006)
I live in Texas but ran across this group. Maybe they can help you:

I sent them an email a few days ago but haven't heard anything back yet.

J.Oxley 12-01-13 08:05 PM

Hey there, Goldfinch! Up until last March I lived my entire life in southern Arizona. So I can help out a bit.

The park on Kolb is NOT your friend if you're planning on cycling. Unless riding on a road with traffic blowing by you at 60mph is your thing. Kolb is pretty much a 4-lane divided highway out there, and one of the main passages from I-10 to east Tucson.

The park on S. Mission is a much better bet. Traffic at somewhat slower speeds (and less of it), and on the west side of town it's easier to get out to "nowhere" for rides through the desert and/or mountains.

For the record, I didn't get into cycling until I moved up to Oregon, so I haven't ridden these areas myself. But when you live somewhere for 30+ years you get familiar with the landscape. In short, look at locations on the western edge of town rather than the east. The west has mountains and out-of-the-way roads, the east has urban sprawl and everything wants to be a highway.

On a final note, if you get a chance, do head over to the east side to ride Old Spanish Trail, east from about Houghton Road. Good stuff, but be prepared for hills.

You can PM me with any other questions if you like. :)

aztarget 12-01-13 08:12 PM

this might help.

zonatandem 12-12-13 10:46 PM

Catalina State Park is NOT an RV resort, but does accommodate big rigs.
It is located just out of Tucson in the town of Oro Valley on Oracle Road (Hwy 77).

goldfinch 12-13-13 09:53 AM

Thanks everyone. Because we made the decision so late we are ending up in a less favorable park (on Kolb) but one that can accommodate big rigs. The park on Mission had no good sized spaces left. We have the car though and can drive to rides if need be.

Doubleb21 12-18-13 10:16 PM

You will be fine in the voyager park. Lots of great riding on the eastside. Find Sabino cycles they have shop rides every sat and will email the info out. Ask for Steve at the store.

goldfinch 12-24-13 09:57 AM

Thanks Doub.

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