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jfthebiker 01-14-14 03:28 PM

Red Rock Canyon - Weather
I will be in Vegas last week of february and I would like do to the Red Rock Canyon loop. I know the weather should be in the mid 60' in Vegas. But what can I expect in higher altitude? Are warmers enough or should I bring something warmer? Gloves?


decosse 01-15-14 02:34 AM

I rode out to Red Rock today, and ended up in shirtsleeves-it was almost 60 and sunny. Coming back I was glad I had my windbreaker, tho, the ride back is fast :D I don't think you'll find a large difference in temps at Red Rock from town. This weather report quite accurate, there is a small station there... Enjoy your visit!

VegasTriker 01-17-14 01:24 PM

In the past two months we have had about a week of cold weather and short periods of normal weather. We have had above average temperatures for the rest of the time. It doesn't even reach the freezing point overnight. It has been remarkably calm most days. As you get closer to March, we get much windier days and more unstable weather. It certainly wouldn't hurt to bring along a set of gloves and a jacket just in case. It rained for several days in a row in November and on one weekend in early December but since then there has been no rain at all. There is a nice lower altitude alternative if you don't wish to be up high - the River Mountain Trail in Henderson. Much longer than the Redrock loop. It has some decent hills too.

jfthebiker 01-18-14 01:38 PM

Thanks for the advices. I think I'll put on a merino whool jersey with warners and I'll bring a wind jacket in case.

I will stick with the Red Rock ride because my wife will be with me. The 35 miles will already be quite a challenge for her. I know it's a lot of climbing, but we will stop often to take pictures.

Daspydyr 01-31-14 01:32 PM

We have been having a really pleasant winter. But Vegas can be fickle. Bringing options like you describe is smart. Red Rocks has some steeper climbs than the River Mountain Loop. Both are enjoyable. There are other places to ride out by Red Rocks that will be a great option with many side trips to Blue Diamond, Bonnie Springs (good place to see Burros) and the Summerlin area. You should have a blast.

Where are you from?

jfthebiker 02-03-14 07:56 AM

We are from Montreal, so we're not really afraid of the cold!

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