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VegasTriker 02-04-14 10:12 AM

Viva Bike Vegas for 2014 is cancelled
The local daily newspaper, the RJ, had a story on the front page of the business section stating that Viva Bike Vegas has been cancelled because last year's ride operated at a loss of $117,000 as a result of fewer entrants and fewer sponsors.

cvskates 02-12-14 11:09 AM

Crap! I was looking forward to riding down the strip. Was planning a whole vacation around riding in that event. :(

PlanetU 02-19-14 09:32 PM

Do the Gran Fondo Las Vegas instead!
Sponsored by Las Vegas Cyclery!

Namida12 03-03-14 08:57 AM

Yes, I am going to miss this event a great deal. Love it last year all but the wind, and I really enjoyed talking to the vendors @ interbike with the half day pass, rider could purchase...

Participated for last 3 years...


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