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KJL 04-09-14 02:54 PM

New Mexico Mountain Bike Camping
Looking for advice where to camp for best access to trails near Albuquerque and or Santa Fe. Also any must ride trail suggestion appreciated. Heading there end of May for 1 week from Wisconsin with 4 others.


Bandrada 04-11-14 08:13 PM

Best place to camp is Cedro Campground. They should be open by then if not already closed due to lack of moisture, at which point you might want to reconsider your options. It is Central to the Cedro System and the Otero System is very close as well, all of which you can find a really good map at the Tijeras Ranger Station, or download it HERE.

Besides the Manzanitas there is also the Sandia Mountain District, which is also very close. It is quite a bit steeper on that side.

Have Fun!

Bandrada 04-11-14 08:19 PM

Also, we will hopefully be very near completion of New Mexico's first advanced designated trail. It's just a short section, but there is more if you know where to look (who to ask.) :)

Daspydyr 04-20-14 06:04 PM

Lake City Colorado is way north of there. But it has a great series of trails. I prefer the climb to Cannibal Plateau (scene of actual murder and cannibalism one cold winter) and then cook a steak over an open fire! Grrrrrr!

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