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John Redcorn 04-24-14 03:12 PM

Tulsa riverparks, where is this small wooden bridge?
I've been on every bit of trail there afaik, and have never seen this. Don't see it on google earth either. Saw this on INCOG trail guides, they say pic was taken on the west bank by the oktoberfest park. It looks cool I want to see it.

Or is it an old pic, gone now? I used to run out there a lot years ago but never much on the west trail.

John Redcorn 04-24-14 06:16 PM

48 views, do we have a few Tulsa people here? I'm the 220 pound guy out there in the mornings or lunch on a blue diamondback mtb that you're passing. (But most of you not passing all that fast lol)

Haven't seen my small wooden bridge but did see 3 smiling pretty hooters girls riding pink rentals on the big wooden bridge yesterday. This type thing needs to be encouraged.

no1mad 06-17-14 04:21 PM

It's been ages since I've been along that stretch, but I think it may be gone now since they went to the dual trail layout. I think it was between the 23rd Street bridge and the Pedestrian Bridge, but it might've been between the 11th and 23rd bridges.

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