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jethro00 05-15-18 08:40 AM

Schwalbe Marathon Plus or Mondial Tire (26X2.0)
After getting input on tire width from this forum, we're looking at replacing our 26 x 1.95 tires with
Schwalbe Marathon GG RLX Wire Bead Tire (26X2.0) on our DaVinci Grand Junction. We ride mostly on asphalt, paved paths and lots of pothole filled streets, with some gravel and dirt and grass. We're not speed riders. We ride every day. Avoiding flats is a major concern, as is stability and comfort.

Does anyone have experience good or bad with these tires?

fitlerbend 05-18-18 04:14 PM

No experience with those specifically, but we have had good service out of a set of Schwalbe Marathon Plusses, 559x35, on our In2ition. We are putting Marathons , 559x47, on our Da Vinci for our upcoming trip on the Great Allegheny Passage & C&O Canal. We have done the GAP on our 559x35s, but we wanted a wider tire for the C&O.

honcho 05-19-18 07:49 PM

Our Hase Pino came equipped with Marathon (not plus) and in June 2017 while in Alaska we suffered a bead rupture/failure that necessitated replacement on tour. While we the tire didn't actually fail, we couldn't risk it so we put on a replacement at the first opportunity in Seward Alaska. The tire was about 4 years old with less than 2000 miles of use. Despite the failure, I would not hesitate to recommend Schwalbe Marathons for tandem use.

geoffs 05-20-18 04:15 AM

You won't have troubler with punctures but if you're riding mainly on pavement I'd be recommending Schwalbe Supremes which wtill provide good puncture protection and roll about 10-15% faster

jethro00 05-20-18 10:34 AM

Marathon mondial hs 428
After getting the hang of the filters on the Schwalbe Tires North America web site, the MARATHON MONDIAL HS 428 looks like it might be the best fit for us. The 26 x 2.0 size weighs 740 g and rates 4 put of 6 for rolling and road grip, 3.5 for off-road grip, and 6 or 4 for protection (depending on model, Double Protection or RaceGuard). The Marathon Plus weighs 1100 g, and rates 3.5 rolling, 4 road grip, 2 off-road grip, 6 protection.

Is there any reason to prefer folding versus wire bead? We are not going to carry a spare tire, so that is not an issue for us. There is a 20 g weight difference (negligible to us), but a big price difference.

jethro00 05-23-18 08:18 PM

I ordered a set of MARATHON MONDIAL folding tires. I'll post after I install and use them. Thanks for the input.

jethro00 06-19-18 08:19 AM

Well, our Schwalbe MARATHON MONDIAL HS 428 tires arrived and I installed them. They were easy enough to install. They look good (with a white reflective band). We have taken 2 rides so far on the new tires. The ride over pothole filled roads feels softer. The grip on smooth pavement feels good. They roll as fast or faster than our previous tires. They are a bit heavier than our previous tires. But, the added flat protection is well worth a bit of added weight for us. These tires seem substantial. We really like them so far.

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